Laughter Heals Pain In Death and Grief


It may seem strange, but it’s true. Laughter and humor are two great ways to cope with death and grief. Most people believe that hospitals are places for sadness but they can also be a place for humor, which can make people feel lighter in hopeless and adverse conditions. We all know that laughter therapy reduces stress and makes one feel better. It has the ability to provide a positive mental state and help a person to deal with any challenge, be it a terminal disease or a long term treatment.

Though death is not funny but the situations before and after can be filled with some sort of laughter, as it can provide a buffer from the negative effects of stress. Though it is very difficult to smile in such situations, it is an ideal distraction and helps to mitigate pain and mental anguish. It can make a serious situation less taxing as well as less threatening.

Humor is also important during grieving. When we are in the depths of despair over the loss of our loved one, it is the only tool that teaches us to laugh again. In fact, there are many bereavement groups which incorporate laughter where members are encouraged to share humorous experiences associated with their loved one. This makes it easy to move on and accept death as a natural transition from life.

Laughter is also essential for those working with the dying. It helps to bond with patients and colleagues in hospitals, thereby creating a better work atmosphere. People learn to laugh at themselves, which is good for the soul and is a lot cheaper!