Laugh Your Weight Away!


Did you know that laughter yoga is a great way to lose weight? It does not cost anything and is good for your overall health. It is one such practice that not only helps to destress but is also a calorie-burning exercise. It reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, that lowers the metabolism rate and stores fat in the mid-section, thereby improving the metabolism, which in turn influences your body to burn more calories and lose weight.

Laughter provides a natural cardiovascular workout for your insides, increases your heart rate and circulation, and tones the abdominal muscles. Dr. William Fry of Stanford University says, "Laughing heartily five times a day has the same beneficial effects as ten minutes on a rowing machine." What’s more? 10-15 minutes of solid laughter can burn 50 calories which can translate to 4.4 pounds in a year!

Laughter Yoga includes several variations of laughter like Hearty Laughter, Open-Mouthed Silent Laughter, Humming Laughter, Greeting Laughter, Swinging Laughter, and Lion Laughter, all of which are a perfect workout for the body. Each laughing exercise, followed by breathing and stretching helps to shed those extra kilos!

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