Kick Start A Healthy Lifestyle With Laughter Yoga


Jordanian comic legend Nabil Sawalha who has made a big career out of tickling the funny bone for more than two decades, is now exploring the benefits of Laughter Yoga. He truly believes that it can kick start a healthy lifestyle and diffuse most of the stress and tension faced by people today.

He also concedes that Laughter Yoga is an ideal exercise to bring in more oxygen to the body and mind thereby improving the breathing pattern, which tends to become shallow when under stress. In fact, it is big causal factor for people becoming argumentative and hostile towards each other. Laughter Yoga has the ability to undermine this aggressive attitude and make people more compassionate and loving. It helps to connect and bring people closer.

According to Sawalha regular laughter practice is the key to cope with every kind of daily stressor. Laughter and good breathing not only strengthens the immune system, but is also an antidote to many physical and mental ailments.

There is a saying: the mind can order the body but the body can change the mind. We are living in an age where depression is prevalent and it can really bring us down. Finding the beauty in things – when helped with lots of laughter, smiling and healthy breathing – is a great way to bring us back up again.

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