Health Centers Use Laughter Therapy


Here is an interesting news report from Rochester, NY, about how laughter is now being widely used as an effective therapy to support treatment of various diseases and also as an alternative medicine. Recent research shows that laughter has natural healing properties which are very valuable in providing comfort to those with chronic illnesses. In fact, according to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Laughter Therapy through Laughter Clubs within their own internal organization can play an important role in helping patients cope with the challenges of cancer treatment.

Laughter practiced as in Laughter Yoga Clubs makes you feel better about yourself and the world around you. It is a natural diversion. When you laugh, no other thought comes to mind. It induces both physiological and psychological changes in the body. In fact, after laughing for just a few minutes, you may feel better throughout the day. It is a great universal remedy for body –mind wellness.

Courtesy: (PRWEB)

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