Healing Cackles by Era Dutta


In this fast-paced world where we barely pause to smile at each other, we need a good dose of LOL (laugh out loud) therapy. Laughter truly is an excellent way to reduce stress in our lives. Not only does laughter provide a full-scale workout for our muscles but it unleashes a tsunami of stress-busting endorphins (the happy chemicals).

William F. Fry, a psychiatrist from Stanford University, is considered a pioneer in this field and has conducted plenty of research showing that the impact of laughter is quantifiable and has positive psychological effects on various aspects of health. A 2011 study from Oxford University concluded that continuous laughter significantly increases people’s pain threshold by as much as 10 per cent. Therapeutic laughter can be used in mental health.

Short term and long-term effects of Laughter Yoga:
• Stimulates organs
• Lowers stress response
• Reduces tension
• Boosts immune system
• Relieves chronic pain
• Helps improve mood
• Increases personal satisfaction and quality of life.

Laughter Yoga is performed in groups where voluntary laughter gives one the same health benefits as spontaneous laughter.

Laughter Yoga exercises
Step 1: clapping of hands in a rhythm to activate acupressure points.
Step 2: Deep-breathing exercises to help lighten the mood and relax your lungs.
Step 3: Laughing like a child playfully without any reason
Step 4: Laughter Exercises: Join our free daily LY International Laughter Club on Zoom: click here

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