Get Recharged and Energised With Laughter Yoga


Jeannine Luby from Scranton, Pennsylvania, reiterates the motto that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Founder of Laugh to Live, she says that laughter has legitimate physical and mental health benefits. She came across laughter yoga while doing her masters and soon realized the tremendous power of laughter as a therapy for complete body-mind wellness.

Within seconds of starting, one feels good and a lot better. “I feel lighter. It's like the stress just kind of melted away, “she says. It reduces the amount of stress hormone produced in the body while increasing mood-boosting brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin and also improves the immune system and the blood flow.

The ongoing pandemic has put people in a severe state of anxiety and stress and they are finding it very hard to cope with the consequences of personal losses, sickness and disease.   Luby says that laughter yoga is the best way to reduce all this stress and depression. It is an easy, free, on-demand form of self-care. It enables one to deal with difficult situations of life in a positive manner. It’s like taking a break and putting aside all the seriousness for a while. So, all one needs to do is laugh for a few minutes and feel recharged, energized, and face those worries with a smile!

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