From Funny to Good Health: Laughter Yoga Leads the Way


Laughter Yoga is a form of combination exercise that benefits both the mind and the body. Laughter Yoga is a combination of Laughter and Yogic deep breathing exercises called Pranayama. All it takes to enhance one’s health is a good bout of laughter - fake or real laughter.

Adam ten Bensel, a Vocal Performance major at the University of Minnesota, says Laughter Yoga is organized laughing that benefits both physical and mental health. A desirable side effect of the practice of Laughter Yoga is the connections that it makes with those in the group.

Many in the vocal jazz at UMD who have had a stint in Laughter Yoga do say that initially the practice of laughing seems strange and it takes a bit to get to laughing for health and wellness.

Ten Bensel adds that the more one practices Laughter Yoga, laughter becomes more free flowing.