Do Laughter Yoga For Good Health - It Really Works


Among the many care and wellbeing measures provided by the Treemont Retirement Community for seniors in Houston, Laughter Yoga happens to be the ‘best medicine’ for the mental and physical upkeep of the elderly and retired people.

There are many benefits associated with laughter, especially when it is done on a regular basis. It helps to strengthen the immune system, improves circulation, releases feel good hormones endorphins which generate a positive attitude and boosts self-worth.

As far as seniors go Laughter Yoga is ideal as it does not need any cognitive ability and is done in the form of an exercise. It helps to reduce stress and alleviate depression - two major problems associated with elders. In fact, doctors in countries where pharmaceuticals are not available for depression, anxiety and a host of other conditions are now prescribing laughter therapy, as it does not cost any money or a lot of time. Anyone can laugh, and laugh as often as they want and reap enormous health benefits.

"Laughter has an impact on your brain, and your brain cannot tell the difference between a fake laugh and a laugh when you see or hear something funny," said Aimee Dubuisson, activities director at Treemont. Chanting, humming and singing, all of which are an integral part of Laughter Yoga exercises also have a positive effect on the brain and enhance the mood.

Here is an example of how laughter helped a special needs gentleman, at the retirement center, change his mood state.  Most of the times unable to express his feelings, he used to be extremely depressed. His loneliness and frustration would lead to frequent outbursts of screaming and yelling. But with Laughter Yoga exercises, he started laughing and his mood changed, his posture straightened and he learnt to smile. This again proves that all we need to do is to just laugh more and daily and often to live a much better life.


Photo: Courtesy Of Treemont