Coping With Cancer - Laughter Yoga Way


Sunstone Cancer Support Centers of Yuma, Ariz., recently hosted a Laughter Yoga class at the Serenity Yoga Studio. People attend a traditional yoga class together and end up making it their own Laughter Yoga. This class offers a unique therapy for people who have cancer or know someone who does. In the class, participants hear jokes, play pretend, dance and sing their way into a funny frenzy. Laughter Yoga instructor Dee Musterman whose stepson in San Diego had cancer, said in times of grief, it may not feel like you'll be happy again, but if you can try to laugh and be happy, and your body will catch up. "We fake it to make it," she said. In fact, according to all the participants, the next thing they know is that they are in the best mood and are ready to fight their sorrow with laughter.

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