Celebrating Mental Health In Bunbury


Last week saw Bunbury, Australia, conclude a Mental Health Week which had a range of activities to promote the benefits of good mental and physical health. Members of the community came together to celebrate a mentally healthy lifestyle.

The event was organised by Headspace Bunbury, an organization which lends support and helps people cope with the challenges of life. It was purposefully held on Friday 13th – a day usually synonymous with unfortunate circumstances, in order to remind people the importance of nurturing good mental health especially on tough days.

Almost 60 community members as well as mental health service providers and service users came together to partake in these health activities, which included Laughter Yoga – an exercise routine for complete wellness. It is one such exercise which has the ability to change the mood state almost instantaneously and provide a positive mental attitude, which enables people to deal with all difficulties in a much better manner.