Bondel Laughter Club Celebrates 15 Years of Laughter!


Creating landmark history on October 8, 2017, Bondel Laughter Club, Mangaluru, celebrated 15 years of daily laughter routine. Started in 2002, it has today scores of regular members and guests laughing heartily and reaping several benefits of Laughter Yoga.

The event was presided by John B Monteiro, founder and lead anchor of the club and was attended by almost 40 people, which included children and the elderly. The laughter session started with warm-up exerclubises followed by laughter exercises and self - esteem declarations. There was much laughter and revelry and everyone felt relaxed and energised.

The long standing club has proved that Laughter Yoga not only provides physiological and psychological health benefits; it also is an ideal tool for connecting with people and creating a caring and sharing social network.

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