Australian Laughter Leader Spreads Good Health and Joy


Doug Savage, a Certified Laughter Yoga leader in Marion, Australia, loves to laugh at the most mundane of daily chores. He has the ability to change stressful situations into a joyous experience. Whether it’s on his way to work, cooking a meal or taking a shower, he doesn’t hesitate to laugh, even if there is no reason to. In fact, he lives by the age-old adage that laughter is the bet medicine.

Savage first learned about Laughter Yoga four years ago online. Highly inspired, he trained as a laughter instructor, which gave him a more heightened appreciation for the practice. He then started conducting Laughter Yoga sessions at assisted living homes and other places, and helped to spread the word of laughter. He hopes to also have sessions in hospitals, schools, rehab clinics and group homes and become a full-time yoga laughing instructor.

On World Laughter Day (May 5) Savage will hold a Laughter Yoga session at Buzzards Bay Park from 1 to 2 p.m. He will also have a session at the Elizabeth Taber Library on May 2 at 6 p.m.

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