No Money Laughter Ha Ha Ha

Dec. 11, 2015, 1:05 p.m. 26330
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When everyone is talking about global financial crisis and recession, all we need is a good laugh. I'm not kidding; this could be a boom time for Laughter Yoga! Check out Google news - Laughter clubs are attracting lot of media attention as this could be the best coping mechanism to go through this economic turmoil.

What we do in recession matters the most

The quality of life is not about what happens to us; rather it depends upon what we do when something happens to us. There is nothing new about recession. It is just a part of the Universal Plan. It seems that the world economy is driven and engineered by artificial booms that are not based on real needs. In fact, the current recession is a kind of technical correction which was needed to ground the economy.

There is no point in grumbling. But, we need to do something. It may sound weird, but it is during hard times that we need to laugh the most to lift the stress and keep our spirits alive. Very few people can laugh in these challenging times, but everybody can do Laughter Yoga because it is a bodily oriented exercise routine. It brings real physiological and psychological changes by releasing certain chemicals which make you feel good. It gives a new perspective and a positive mental attitude to go through difficult times.

More Laughter Yoga in the Business World

These days I’m getting more enquiries about conducting corporate seminars and opening new laughter clubs but there is a difference – people are looking for good discounts and bargains. My suggestion to all laughter leaders, teachers and laughter club members is to go ahead and spread more laughter, whether they get paid or just do voluntary work. As our mission stands, we should help the world to get over the crisis with a good laugh. Do not worry about the financial outcome – the satisfaction gained by making people laugh is more than enough. As the law of Karma says – ‘If you do good, you will be rewarded sooner or later.’ There was a time between 1995 and 2000 that I did not earn a penny from Laughter Yoga. On the contrary, I was spending money from my own pocket, but it was worth it when I saw the smiles on people’s faces.

The Difference between Needs and Wants

Another thought which crossed my mind was that we need to be more mindful about over expenditure. We should realize the importance of money and reduce our expenses by understanding the difference between needs and wants. Needs are minimum basic survival requirements like food and shelter, whereas wants are comforts and pleasures we seek to enhance happiness. Unfortunately, these make us more dependent and only provide a temporary ‘feel good’ sensation, because the minute we don’t get them, we are miserable. Therefore, one should learn live without these non essentials and focus on fulfilling basic and real needs that actually keep one happy for a longer time.

Yoga teaches one to live with minimum needs and wants. There is a yogic practice focused on making us strong physically and mentally. It is called TAPA. It seems that the current economic situation is helping us to become tough and hardy by default. In fact, it is good for us. After all, the tastiest food in the world is not Italian, Indian or Chinese. It is the food you get when you're hungry. So contemplate and think about your needs and wants. Get serious about your needs, but take it easy on your wants.

Do No Money Laughter Exercise

Nowadays, I do one laughter exercise everyday without fail. It is ‘No Money Laughter.’ I put my hands inside my pockets, pull them inside out and laugh. I recommend laughter clubs should include this exercise everyday for few months to help people remain happy and positive. It is indeed a whimsical way of looking at life but it is the best.

There will never be a recession in the world of Laughter Yoga and no taxes to pay on laughing…!!!

Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha

Love & Laughter
Dr. K.