Don't Leave Laughter To A Chance

Dr. K's Diary: Articles by Dr. Madan Kataria Oct 21 2015 31994
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How often do we wish we could laugh more in our lives? When we see someone laughing heartily we wish we could have more friends like them around us.

One of the reasons we are not laughing enough today is because we are leaving laughter to a chance. We laugh in a passive way whenever a stimulus from outside catches our funny bone. It could be a hit or a miss situation and happens when it has to happen. We are not proactive or mindful about bringing more laughter in day-to-day life. Our mind is constantly engaged in so much of negativity that most of the time we react to different stimuli and have no time for any action.

Laughter Yoga is all about making a choice to laugh and not leaving it to a chance. We do not depend upon outside circumstances but create circumstances within us. We make a conscious effort and generate laughter from within. This is a guaranteed way of adding more to laughter to our lives.

Since Laughter Yoga is done in a group; it keeps us inspired and motivated. It gives ample opportunities to practice unconditional laughter from within. We do not rely on laughter which comes from the environment.

So just sit in silence and think what the source of your laughter is? How much of your laughter depends upon outside factors and how much conscious effort you are making to bring more laughter in your life.

Would you like to take charge of your life and laugh from within? Simply join the Laughter Yoga club.

Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha

Love & Laughter
Dr. K