Donkey's Day Out

Dr. K's Diary: Articles by Dr. Madan Kataria Aug 17 2015 23122
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I got this story from internet. Who wrote it I don’t know. But it makes a lot of sense.

Once there was a farmer who had many animals on his farm, one of which was a very old donkey.  Now the donkey had more than passed his prime and in his old age was often sick and achy, unable to any longer carry heavy loads of grain on his back.  Stumbling along one day, the clumsy, old donkey fell into a well which, lucky for him, was without water.  The farmer had been thinking for some time that he really needed to fill up that dry well with dirt, so despite the donkey’s desperate cries for help and knowing there was no way he could possibly retrieve the donkey from the well, the farmer knew there was only one solution.

He picked up his shovel and started throwing dirt in the well as the poor, old donkey cried for help.  With the level of dirt rising, the donkey realized he was being buried alive - death was near.  Suddenly out of pure desperation, the donkey suddenly stood up, shook the dirt from his body and took one step up on the pile of dirt.  The farmer watched with amazement as the donkey continued to shake off each shovelful of dirt, as he continued to climb upward.

As the well filled with dirt, the donkey climbed higher and higher until he finally walked right out of the well.   Walking away, the donkey bowed his head to the farmer and thanked him for throwing dirt on him.

The moral of the story:  Don't give up. Where there is a will, there is a way.  Having the will, as well as confidence, will enable survival in the most unusual of situations.  Spontaneous ideas and solutions will spring from nowhere.

Life is full of overwhelming challenges which often appear insurmountable.  The logical mind typically finds it difficult to arrive at an answer, thus the spiritual mind is needed to handle life’s challenges.  Although spirituality can be logically explained, it must be experienced to be understood.   Only by having a deep trust and faith, can an action be undertaken without any attachment to the outcome.

A Higher Intelligence will take over and do the job if best efforts have been given.  The donkey survived because he had a will to survive, took action and did not concern himself with the outcome.

When found at a crossroads, simply surrender and let a Greater Existence do the job.  More importantly, do your karma – God does not like lazy people.

Dr. K