Do Your Best And Leave The Rest

Dr. K's Diary: Articles by Dr. Madan Kataria Apr 24 2015 13695
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On January 29th, 2010, I got up at 5 am and thought of laughing alone. A few guests were sleeping in the house, while some people were praying in a temple behind my office. I realized if I laughed loudly, everyone was sure to get disturbed, but I really wanted to laugh in the morning. So, I thought the best way to laugh would be without any sound.

I tried, and it really worked well. I put my camera on my laptop and went on to laugh without any sound. All I wanted to do was to share my laughter with everybody without troubling others. Keeping this in mind, I recorded my newly discovered 'silent laughter'; quickly edited it on my Mac laptop and voila! It was all set.

I was so excited about sharing this technique of laughing without sound that I promptly wanted to upload it on You tube. But, alas! Nothing happened. I made five attempts, but all in vain. I wondered what was wrong. Not the one to give up easily; I tried again, but failed. I later learnt that if the server is breezy it might take a long time for the video to show up on You tube. I decided to be patient and wait for few hours before checking again.

The remarkable thing was that even after several failed attempts to upload my video, I did not get frustrated. Do you know why? It's because of my belief system that whatever happens; happens for a reason. There is always a time and place for everything; the universe knows better. My past experience had taught me that whenever I pushed too hard for something; it just did not happen. I had also learnt that it was always for something good that things happened at a particular time. Therefore, I was completely at peace and nothing deterred me from my belief.

Anyway, to further my story of unflinching persistence… After breakfast, I tried once again without any success. Then I got busy with other work and asked my assistant to look into it, but I also did not give up trying throughout the day. After much effort, my patience paid off and it was in the evening that I finally managed to upload the video. It worked - ha ha ha. Deep within me, I felt there was no technical problem; it was just a question of time. There was a continuous flow of energy from my brain in the form of positive thought waves which told me that everything will eventually work out. One has to keep trying.

I don't know how to explain this philosophy logically, but it did keep my mind in a positive frame. I neither got frustrated or angry. By nature, I'm very pushy at getting things done but if they don't happen, it doesn't upset me. I just do my best and never give up trying. This is because of my belief in the philosophy - Do your work and Shut up? The results are not in your hands. They will come when the time is right. The Law of Karma says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you perform any action, the results will come, but there is no timeframe. No one knows. If you keep your mind in a positive frame and just keep telling yourself that - it will happen at the right time. I'm completely unattached to the outcome of my actions; I just do it for the love of doing it. I think this is the reason why I don't get frustrated. Patience and persistence come more from not being attached to the outcome. So, remember Never Give Up – Just Keep Trying

Love & Laughter,
Dr. K