Cathy Nesbitt
Cathy Nesbitt
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Cathy's Chuckle Club (est June 2020)

You are invited to join us for some fun & laughter on our weekly Zoom laughter meeting. It is always easier and more fun to laugh in a group and this is why Zoom Laughter works so well. A screen full of happy smiling faces is the restorative tonic we can all use.

Laughter is the opposite of stress.

Cathy's Chuckle Club (est June 2020)

Zoom Laughter Tuesdays
9:30 AM Eastern Time, Every Tuesday

30 minutes of super fun self care.

All are welcome.

As a Laughter Yoga Teacher I incorporate tapping (EFT), brain gym and other healing modalities to help folks get out of stress and into joy.

Register in advance for this meeting:

No cost to attend.

Feel free to buy me a coffee ...