Dr.Pramod Keshav Bhagwat
Dr.Pramod Keshav Bhagwat
Physical Laughter Club
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Kaliyasot Morning Walker Laughter Yoga Club

Our Kaliyasot  Morning Walker Club is quite old and is for senior citizens only. At present our membership is around 18 and generally every morning at particular time around 7AM 10 to 12 members are present.Kaliyasot Dam is beautiful place where lot of persons of all age groups come for morning walk. We celebrate our members Birthday at near by Hanuman Temple .

So on Birthday of our Member Dr. Sihare and his wife with the consent of all members we started our Laughter Yoga club on 13th October 2023 and a session of around 25 minutes was taken by me.

Now we are regulaly meeting and doing Laughter yoga for around 20 minutes covering different benefiits of LY.