Rosaria Cirillo
Rosaria Cirillo
Online Laughter Club
  • Venue : Zoom - Live online + recordings on Youtube
  • Address : Zaanstad, North Holland, Netherlands
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Laugherzoom - laugh and learn

In 2024 monthly on the 2nd Friday of every month at 3 PM CET: 12 April INTELLECTUAL - Autonomy & Simplicity

10 May RELATIONAL - Empathy & Play. 14 June EMOTIONAL - Smile & Empathy

2024 series is inspired and designed around the SPIRE Wellbeing areas and related #YellowFactor 

Find dates and timing and sign up on

🟢🟡 Do you want to close your work week and fill this #happinessmonth with a burst of energy and #laughter, and nuggets of knowledge about #wellbeing and #happiness in business? 🟡🔵

Join me & fellow Happiness Studies Academy Alumni in our monthly #laugherzoom #laughandlearn sessions combining #laughteryoga & #happinessstudiesacademy knowledge with the power of community

These are short & fun FREE sessions(~25 mins)designed to bring you a quick #stressbuster and #joyblaster, as part of my mission to educate and empower others to bring more #happiness into their life and in the (business) world, not only with knowledge & (CX) transformation programs but also with #wellbeingpractices.

Laughing together activates our mirror neurons and quickly creates contagious laughter (even on Zoom) that gives us an energy burst, and immediately switches our Autonomic Nervous System from a sympathetic #fightorflight mode to a #restanddigest parasympathetic mode.

📋What’s the structure of each session?

🟡 In the first 5 minutes, I share some nuggets of knowledge about the power of unconditional Laughter and the session’s theme.

🟡 then we laugh together for 10-15 minutes, which is the time needed for our brain to release the #joycocktail & #doseofhappinesschemicals #dose (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, & endorphin), with laughters inspired by the session’s theme and, in this series, by the trailblazers companies that are leading the way of #happinessinbusiness with examples of #yellowgoldfish

🟡 after lifting the energy with laughter, we always ground it with a short recentering practice (humming, meditation, or heart coherence)


🤔 Would you like to join us? Email me for the passcode 

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