Laughter Yoga Brought Me More Joy

Sukumar Satpathy

John Chen, Taiwan: It’s been six years since I took to Laughter Yoga and it has really changed my life and enriched my heart. My story is a little different. Unlike most laughter professionals who begin their Laughter Yoga journey because of some problem in life, I had no such predicament – my only purpose was to bring more happiness and joy into my life & family.

Frankly speaking, I did not feel any great change in the first two years, but gradually the physical as well as mental changes started becoming obvious. I found I had not had a bout of cold and cough for some time and hadn’t actually fallen sick. In fact, I hardly went to a doctor as my physical health seemed better than before.

I must share with you the fantastic change which happened at the end of 2008 when Dr. Kataria visited Taiwan. During his 5 day stay, I accompanied him 16 hours a day and found him to be the easiest person I have ever met in my life. After he left, I seemed to be “infected” with his “easiness virus”. My quality of sleep improved and I woke up early with a fresh mind almost every morning. I started practicing the silent Vipassana meditation before going to my laughter club in the morning. These two kinds of exercises helped me to remain fresh and energetic through the day. I found my leadership getting a boost and I managed to bring together almost 30 laughter leaders to share their knowledge and skills through their personal laughter blogs. Now, we are organizing the Taiwan Laughter Yoga Association to help more people to change their lives with Laughter Yoga in Taiwan.