Find a Leader, Teacher and Master Trainers

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)

This is basic training for 2 days training in which leaders are trained by certified LY teachers. Please note Leaders are NOT authorized to certify others as leaders.

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT)

This is the Senior Level of Training in which the LY teachers get 5 days intensive training either by Dr. Kataria or one of the Master trainers. As LY Teachers they are authorized to train and certify others as leaders.

Certified Master Trainer (CMT)

This is the Highest Level of Training in Laughter Yoga. Master Trainers are qualified to train and certify others as Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers (CLYT) & Leaders (CLYL). They are directly trained by Dr Madan Kataria, The Laughter Yoga Founder.

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