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Mindful Living & Laughter Retreat with Mindfulness Meditation, Tai-Chi and Laughter Expert Robert Rivest

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    9/5-7 Mount Kõya, Wakayama prefecture

    3 Day Mindful Living Retreat with Robert Rivest


    ?648-0211 611

    TEL (0736)-56-2104(?) FAX (0736)-56-4555


    Mindful Living Retreat
    Mindfulness teacher and practitioner, Robert Rivest has a calming presence and a kind gentle voice. In this seminar Robert brings the profound well-being benefits of mindfulness meditation into everyday life. Participants learn meditation practices that help build concentration and mind body awareness. Robert shares a peaceful series of mindful sitting, standing, walking and moving meditations from around the world. He also explores mindful speech, mindful listening, and mindful eating. Participants learn how to find peace and joy daily, by mindfully working through the peaks and valleys of their lives. A powerful and practical approach to mindful living. --Please bring a note book for journaling. :)




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