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Teacher Training (One-on-One)

  • Date :
    14 September, 2014 - 21 September, 2014
  • Venue :

    Laguna Beach (Laughter Club on the sand) and other delightful venues in the area

  • Name :
    Jeffrey Briar
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    One-on-One Teacher Training which culminates in attending a real live 2-day Leader Training.  You will be ready to give your own Leader Trainings immediately upon graduation. 

    A strongly experience-based training.  We will attend laughter club sessions on the beach as well as several community/corporate Laughter Yoga presentations.  This Extended Program takes place over 8 days (some days we meet as few as 4 hours; other days as long as 9 hours).

    Features private (or small group) mentoring with Master Trainer Jeffrey Briar: founder of the Laguna Laughter Club (first and only club in the western world which meets seven days per week, producer of The Laughter Exercise Photo Flash Cards (, and author of The Laughter Club Song (and its MusicVideo and The Great Big Anthology of Laughter Exercises (

    In addition to a throrough review of Laughter Yoga theory and history (and several practice sessions) we learn and master Yogic Breathing and Visualization techniques, develop a Solo practice, and assure ease in giving presentations.  Special topics include: Laughing While Driving, Vocal (and Body) Warm-ups, Making Good Income from Laughter Activities, and Getting on Television (radio, newspapers, etc. as desired).  Mr. Briar has represented Laughter Yoga on Dancing with the Stars, CNN-TV with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Geraldo at Large, and The Oprah Winfrey Show (

    To be eligible to attend a Teacher Training you must first have completed a 2-day certified Leader Training (with any certified L.Y. Teacher, worldwide).

    There is a $300 Mentor Fee added to the base Teacher Training Tuition fee of $795.   You receive the comprehensive Teacher Training Manual, e-Book version of Dr. Kataria's Laugh for no Reason, marketing CD and DVD, diploma, registration with international headquarters, and 40-plus pages of  supplementary handouts.  Lodging and meals are not included.

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