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    If you can't make it to a laughter club, bring the laughter club to you! BlogTalkRadio is a social radio network that allows us to connect all over the world through our own computers. Nothing beats meeting in person but online laughter clubs can supplement your current laughter yoga practice and are accessible right from home, work or anywhere you have internet.
    Using a computer or an ordinary telephone, an unlimited number of participants can join in the free, live, call-in sessions. Participants may choose to privately listen, instantly text/chat, call in to actively participate or a combination of all three. Each session is then archived and made available as a podcast. No...

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  • FAQ About Skype Laughter Club


    How can I join Skype laughterclub Add laughterclub to you Skype contacts. Be online at the time session starts.
    Where do I find the session times You can find the times on your own time zone at , or you can check the times from our Facebook page Skype laughterclub and click about. The times are shown in GMT to transfer it go to and insert your country and GMT there and it will tell you what the times are in your time zone. Or you can just look from your computer, what is the difference to GMT.
    How do I join the laughter Be online before the session starts. When you see laughterclub online, you can directly send a message to...

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