• Facilitator:Vishwa Prakash-Master Trainer
  • Language: English
  • Date: November 12, 2016 - November 13, 2016
  • Venue:

    Pearl Studios, @ 519, 8th Avenue, NY (Room number to be advised)

  • Telephone: 212 594 7982
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Latest Comments


    I highly recommend this wonderful course! You can apply the knowledge learned in so many many different ways. I left inspired and uplifted wanting to share laughter with the world. Thank you to the instructors and to all who attended for sharing and being part of this remarkable experience!

    Thursday, 21 April 2016 22:29:42

    One of the most enjoyable and enlightening seminars I've attended. Our group had a wonderful experience even though the training was intensive and the information covered was very comprehensive. Our leaders, Vishwa and Jonathan, gave us the confidence and the knowledge of their experience to create in us the motivation to continue this valuable work. Would highly recommend this to anyone interested in laughing for the rest of your life!

    Thursday, 21 April 2016 22:28:30

    Pure Gold! I have just completed the program with Vishwa, an amazing week-end with an extraordinary teacher. Vishwa shares a great deal of relevant information in a user friendly format--highly recommended for anyone looking to make a difference for others as well as anyone looking for a lift to help them be in a better place. Kudos to Vishwa!

    Thursday, 21 April 2016 22:27:27

    The weekend training was elevating, enlightening and energizing. Vishwa is committed to spreading the joy laughter yoga offers. He is generous. I highly recommend the class.

    Thursday, 21 April 2016 22:26:06

    Vishwa, what a gift you have given us! The training was perfect, PERFECT!!! I am thrilled to be taking laughter yoga out into the world everywhere I go. To be able to bring it to my new community in Florida is a seismic bonus. I'm HA HA Happy!
    Vishwa, you are such an extraordinary teacher...I'm glad this student was ready. Much love, Sheila

    Thursday, 21 April 2016 22:24:48

    I am just back from an amazing workshop. Highly recommend it to all. Every moment was informative and beneficial. So happy I attended. Recommend it to all.

    Thursday, 21 April 2016 21:32:51
  • VIrginia Lamont

    After an exhilarating, playful, and fascinating weekend, i came away with a much better sense of where joy really lies -- in the depths of our souls... and Vishwa was great at helping to bring it to the surface again after so many years. Thank you for sharing your gentle wisdom and giving me the tools to share Laughter Yoga in the community where i live. Being involved in the health arena for the last 20 years, it's always so rewarding to gain new insights into how to improve one's own health so i can pass this knowledge on to the world in the form of 'laugh aways'! Thank you so much..

    Saturday, 14 November 2015 09:15:41
  • Debbie Miller

    Hello Fellow Laughers!

    I'm writing to say that the Laughter Yoga Leader training last weekend was truly a joy and the best birthday gift I could have given myself! So much to say. Not only have a picked up a new skill to use in teaching English as a Second Language (my part-time "secondary" job) and in the Laughter Yoga sessions I plan to teach down the road; but more importantly, this training has helped me regain the joy I'd come close to losing during this difficult year of financial and place-to-live challenges. It was a healing experience and happily, one which can be recreated by continuing to practice and lead Laughter Yoga sessions.

    Vishwa's gentle, kind, and encouraging teaching style is the embodiment of good teaching. He is patient and humorous, and he creates a community in the classroom, always keeping in mind the higher good -- the "work." For me, as a creative person, this is exactly what I desire as a student. As someone who's been teaching a while, I can tell you that creating community in class is something that many teachers are unable to do. I believe the best teachers are those who are willing to take the risk of giving themselves to the process.

    Vishwa is such a person. He gives of himself and shares in class. He creates an environment where students then feel safe to share themselves with their classmates. Teaching is not about logistics, materials, or methods -- although those things are all part of the teaching process --but, rather teaching is about the personality of the teacher.

    I'm an actor, improviser, and writer -- but writer primarily (freelance articles, short stories, plays, monologues, humor pieces, memoir). I've taken many writing, acting, and improvisation classes in my 18 years in NYC and before moving to NYC. As a teacher for the past 14 years and as a creative person, I have both little tolerance for poor teaching, and respect and appreciation for good teaching. Vishwa Prakash is the latter--a good teacher. He's also a good human being -- that's evident the moment you meet him.

    It took me two years to get to Laughter Yoga training (I was either working on Saturdays or sick when the training weekends came up). I am grateful that I was able to get trained and meet Vishwa and my extraordinary classmates.

    Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha,
    Debbie L. Miller
    Brooklyn, NY

    Friday, 23 October 2015 21:33:30
  • Shirley Newton

    Thank you for one of the most memorable weekend, and for creating the environment for us to experience this amazing concept. It truly confirms that laughter is universal and if we participate we connect to others. I'm a registered nurse and a registered yoga teacher, on a holistic journey, professionally and personally. Laughter Yoga created tremendous space in my body, which I hope never to loose.
    This weekend I met and connected with some amazing people.

    Thursday, 22 October 2015 02:55:46
  • shari hoffman

    The Laughter Yoga Training, October 17-18th 2015 was in fact a life changing experience for me. Vishwa is truly in his element when he is performing and teaching Laughter Yoga - so I cannot imagine learning better from anyone else! His enthusiasm for what he does, his spirit, his laughter, and his "moves" are all infectious. Vishwa makes me want to perfect what I have begun to learn so that I can some day teach as well as he does - if that is possible!

    There is one thing I would have liked to have had an opportunity to do...We each had a chance to deliver our own Laugh Yoga exercise. I would have liked it if we could have taken time to review these a bit and perfect them during the program. But having said that, since I did have the opportunity to try it on for size with the group I can still do that on my own and feel confident that it will go well next time.

    I can't be thankful enough to Dr. Madan Kataria for providing us with this amazing technique for our own self healing and for Vishwa who carries it out so beautifully. Namaste, Peace and Love, shari hoffman

    p.s. I do not have a specific profession at the moment because of health reasons but I am a graphic designer and work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I will use my creativity with my graphics to help with developing my own Laughter Yoga programs. It is important for me to help spread the importance of holistic medicine and how it has helped me - with Laughter Yoga being a very large part of my own healing process.

    Tuesday, 20 October 2015 05:11:41
  • Carolyn WW

    Our group energy was palpably POSITIVE & a JOYOUS celebration under Vishwa Prakash's leadership! I highly recommend this training for anyone investigating avenues to reach groups of people on a QUEST for a Unity Consciousness... a powerful connection between people is easy with these tools. Namaste!

    Monday, 19 October 2015 23:05:08
  • Larry Littany Litt

    Dear Vishwa,
    This past LY Leader training weekend was one of the most memorable social and educational events of my life. It proved to me that a group of strangers can come together with different histories and desires, experience playfulness, joy and physical change then transcend the urban routine by sharing the very best humanity can be. I'm glad I could be a part of this momentous effort to bring happiness to each other. Of course I shall try to take your training onto the world's stage.

    Thank you all for being so open and warm, willing to motivate and melt hard pack ice into gently flowing laughing waters.

    I'm always available for more laughter. Hope to see you soon.

    Monday, 19 October 2015 19:59:07
  • Ruth Stella Williams

    I never expect the wonderful experience that I had in two days on the yogalaff
    training, specially the trainer Wishwa, he is a very nice, kind and knowledgeable person.
    Also mi classmates were super
    Thanks a lot for everything

    Monday, 13 April 2015 03:04:55
  • Niko Pappas

    Vishwa is a true Leader, Teacher, Healer and he humbly excels in all those things.
    To show someone a gift that they already have but lost access to a while ago takes a lot of guts and patience. From beginning to end Vishwa knew how to handle the different types of personalities and really engage everyone into tapping into their inner child. By the end of the first day I knew exactly why I wanted to take this workshop, it was inspiring me to take on the world in a totally new form. By the end of the second day my mind was buzzing with options and opportunities as to where I can take this newfound love and spread it!
    Vishwa genuinely cares for his students and wants each individual to learn how to access their soul power. Every one learns at a different pace and Vishwa has the patience and high level of expertise to stay with each person as they break through their boundaries and blast their way into freeing their souls.
    For any one that wants to liberate their souls and truly help others, Vishwa is the person who can show you how to get there in the most humble, caring way possible..with a few HA-HA-HA's in between!
    I would take this course again in a heartbeat!

    Sunday, 5 April 2015 10:10:25
  • lisa stuhr

    Mr Vishwa Prakash is an excellent instructor. Not only does he embody what he teaches, his style is personable and informative. He presents great research and appeals to all learning styles. His non-teaching style - discussion based - includes everyone and appreciates their value.

    Thursday, 2 April 2015 20:09:53
  • Denise

    A recently certified instructor, I am enriched! I am connected! I am happy! Laughter Yoga is a little oasis, a mind-clearing, life reaffirming experience that illuminates our connection to each other as human beings... while allowing us to just be. What's more, it is grounded in the most up-to-date neuroscience research to be beneficial for body and soul. I wouldn't have missed this weekend for the world, and I can't stop myself from practicing and sharing what I learned in it. This is healing laughter. This is joy. Thank you, Vishwa! I'm ready to help you share with the world!

    Thursday, 2 April 2015 19:57:39
  • Mukesh Singhal

    Wow, what an amazing experience it was to be trained under Mr. Vishwa Prakash. He is a very inspiring leader and gets everyone involved. He is very humble and down to earth individual and is always willing to help his students in any way he can. The materials provided in the class are very comprehensive and I feel very confident to lead my own laughter sessions and help reach this wonderful practice to many more people. I highly recommend Vishwa as a teacher and this course to anyone who wants to enhance their leadership and healing qualities.

    Wednesday, 1 April 2015 20:23:58
  • Gene H

    This weekends training was the BEST!!!!! Laughter has dramatically impacted my life. As a result I am no longer clinically depressed and can handle stress much easier than any therapist can advise me. Laughing is the key its simple and I learned from Vishwa the importanance of paying it forward. I reach my students this method and they spread the message to others. I have since volunteered to speak at health and educational conferences every year. For the past 4 years I volunteer and speak to individuals suffering with HIV/AIDS. I teach the value of laughter and how it can impact their lives as well. Vishwa is an excellent healer, teacher, mentor, and friend. He goes above and beyond and has changed my life in ways I cannot explain in text.

    Tuesday, 31 March 2015 05:15:53
  • Jean Larsen

    That was a life changing experience!!! This Weekend Training was another step in my path!! Vishiwa is the perfect teacher and really created an incredible environment for learning this amazing and very important skill of becoming a Yoga Laughter Leader.
    I can't tell you how empowered I feel, and prepared to bring this practice to the world. The support materials are comprehensive and the discussions in class create a grounded knowledge base of the science that supports Laughter Yoga and the worldwide need to raise the consciousness of the All. We have an incredible angle on how to help improve this world. (I still feel a renewed playfulness in my heart!!).

    The practical exercises we learned are well structured so that the student can comprehend. The organization Vishwa brings is incredible, as well as the true heartfelt love for this practice. It is very obvious that Vishwa "IS" Laughter Yoga, and I could not be more confident that I learned to be a Laughter Yoga Leader from one of the Best Instructors in the World!!
    I think Dr. Kataria would be so proud!
    I personally cannot believe how my brain and my outlook are so uplifted after a weekend of learning, laughter, along with the new and beautiful connections I have made with other incredible human beings!!!!
    My definite aim is to become a catalyst to spreading and bring attention worldwide to this truly amazing brand of Yoga that Dr. Kataria has founded!!!!

    Monday, 30 March 2015 19:24:07
  • Sapna

    Vishwa is an excellent instructor! I highly recommend this course to everyone. I learned do much in just two days. He enjoys every moment and teaches with such enthusiasm and excitement! This was definitely a life changing experience.

    Sunday, 2 November 2014 03:01:47
  • Rita Kinzer

    I took the Laughing Yoga training on September 27 & 28, 2014 in New York City. It was a great experience with lots of laughing. Vishwa is a great leader and teacher, who genuinely can instill within you, his love for Laughing Yoga. I left with a great understanding of how to run my own laughter sessions. He presented the information in a very inclusive manner, with lots practice of the actual laughing exercises and scientific information about the benefits of laughter. The lunches were delicious and what a treat.

    Wednesday, 29 October 2014 22:39:03
  • Janice Garner

    I flew in from out of state specifically to be trained by Vishwa who I had not previously met. I knew from the first phone call that I had made the right decision. Vishwa is everything you'd want in a teacher – authentic, kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive, patient and fun! His class was inspiring and transformational. Thank you, Vishwa, for this valuable practice, Laughter Yoga. It is truly a gift.

    Monday, 13 October 2014 03:53:26
  • Dori Persson

    Vishwa is such an energetic and knowledgeable teacher. I am so grateful to Vishwa for sharing this wonderful work that brings about resilience and life transformation through laughter. A truly healing tool that blesses both the user and those that the user shares with. Laughter goes where no medicine can reach and is always a perfect and natural match for the body and soul. I highly recommend Vishwa Prakash laugh session and training class.

    Monday, 29 September 2014 20:58:52
  • Pierre Huguenot

    Vishwa you are a Godsend, a truly refreshing personality in today's grabby world. What a delight to attend your class!

    Wednesday, 9 July 2014 06:49:55
  • Pierre Huguenot

    Vishwa you are a Godsend, a truly refreshing personality in today's grabby world. What a delight to attend your class!

    Wednesday, 9 July 2014 06:49:53
  • Melanie Montana

    I had no problem giving my time to this profound and amazing experience....I enjoyed every aspect....Vishwa, the content, of course the laughter, the people, and let's not forget about the food....yummy.

    Thursday, 8 May 2014 06:49:18
  • Daiva Debra Minter

    How lucky I am to have Vishwa Prakesh as my Laughter Yoga Teacher and Coach. I just completed my YL Leader Training 4.26.14. Vishwa is an energetic, inspiring, kind, generous, compassionate and professional teacher. He is a healer. He taught me not only how to heal myself and others thru LY, but how to successfully be a YL Leader. Vishwa created a safe, comfortable, joyful and playful environment for me to heal, learn and experience the myriad benefits of Laughter Yoga. I am so inspired and confident to lead LY classes. Thank you dear Vishwa and Dr. Kataria!

    Friday, 2 May 2014 00:50:12
  • Sharon Nelson

    Wow! What an amazing weekend...I just completed my Laughter Leader training in NYC with Vishwa (4/26-4/27/14). I wasn't sure what to expect and traveled 4 hours on a bus to participate. It was life changing - Vishwa greeted us at the door with huge smiles/hugs, and he immediately connected with each individual as he happily helped us pick out tshirts and bags of laughter resources.

    The training was packed with laughter, wonderful stories, sharing of special moments and constant encouragement. Vishwa has an incredibly upbeat attitude and put together an informative, active and wildly fun 2-days of Laughter. Also, the food was AWESOME! Lots of choices, a variety of drinks and snacks and constant encouragement to stay hydrated.

    Vishwa is a vibrant, enthusiastic teacher with a love of people, a love of laughing and a love of personal growth. I would go right back this weekend and take another class if I could afford to. I feel lucky to know him!

    Thursday, 1 May 2014 06:58:37
  • Dr Aruna Bhargava

    I attended the Laughter Yoga Leaders training led by Vishwa Prakash on April 26th and 27th 20014. It was indeed a unique experience. Vishwa's dedication and warmth and commitment to the cause and to the students is exemplary. I am greatly motivated by him to spread Laughter Yoga to as many people. At the end of each day of the workshop I felt very joyful and energized. This joyful and loving state of mind lasted two more days after the training ended. Today is Wednesday the 30th April and already this morning I conducted a Laughter Yoga session in my development for 10 women. The participants loved it and have requested me to conduct weekly Laughter Yoga Sessions. Thank you Dr. Kataria and Vishwa for this precious gift.

    Thursday, 1 May 2014 02:56:05
  • Amanda

    Just completed my training with Vishwa-- What can I say? I am floored at how warm and welcoming this teacher is. He is also a gracious and humble host. Having trained with the founder of Laughter Yoga, Vishwa is extremely knowledgeable and effective in his teaching. I am a better person to now have Vishwa in my life. Ha Ha Have a great time!!! xoxo

    Wednesday, 30 April 2014 23:01:30
  • Cynthia Curtis

    Vishwa taught me a completely accessible method to treat myself and others with love. This laughter for no reason produces wellbeing and I am empowered by what I learned at Vishwa's training. Energy, joy, kindness and compassion are some of the priceless gifts I took away from Vishwa's training.

    Friday, 8 November 2013 04:26:07
  • Loreen

    I just spent this past Saturday and Sunday studying Laughter Yoga with Vishwa. It was my first time doing Laughter Yoga. It is a transformative experience. With ten other people Vishwa showed us, encouraged us, and explained the scientific studies behind laughter and happiness. Dr. Kataria who founded Laughter Yoga was with us via DVD and he is very inspiring.
    I live in Pennsylvania and will be starting Laughter Yoga clubs with Seniors and other younger community members. I received a great background from Vishwa and feel confident that I can bring this activity to others. Vishwa gave us lots of information to take home to help us. He provides on going support. Beverly was a great help and some of the class members are from Vishwa's club in Manhattan. A fun and worthwhile experience that will be useful for a lifetime!

    Tuesday, 29 October 2013 03:16:53
  • Dinnah P

    I have to try to say a few but pointed remarks. Otherwise no one reads these testimonials through...:-)).

    *Vishwa Prakash is a talented and gifted human being.

    *He is a very encouraging and stimulating leader of Laughter Yoga Groups.

    *He is ALSO a very inspiring and effective teacher of Laughter Yoga trainings.

    *As a result, your experience with him in either of those capacities will be extremely satisfying, nourishing, and educational - in the best sense
    of the last term.

    *Laughter Yoga is an incredible method, or methodology, I will try not to
    repeat what people have said before me in this column.

    *LAUGHTER YOGA It is a tool for bringing Joy and Laughter into your life -
    if you practice it.
    t is a method for increasing your health - again, if you practice it.

    *I myself have seen my Blood Pressure go DOWN after only five months of weekly practice ! And this is just the beginning.
    In addition, I feel much much lighter (in mood), more open (in communications).,

    *For you out there, there are a number of leaders of Laughter Yoga groups in New York City.

    *I have visited most of the Manhattan groups. Each of these leaders is talented
    in their own particular manners.

    *Vishwa, in my view, has a very unique combination of talents - which allow
    him to be WONDERFUL with beginners, EXCELLENT with intermediates,
    AND EXTRAORDINARY with advanced practitioners.

    That is a very RARE talent.

    *So do not hesitate - take (enroll in ) whatever Vishwa is offering at this time.

    *A weekly meeting to start with ? Jump on it.
    *A training for Laughter Yoga Leaders ? Take the Leap !

    *You will learn to swim, rather than sink, with Vishwa gentle instruction
    guiding you every step of the way....


    Tuesday, 18 June 2013 06:54:25
  • Jan Aptaker

    I have been attending Vishwa's classes for several years now and am grateful for having taken his Laughter Leader training in April 2011. Vishwa's spirit is generous and loving, exuding warmth and intelligence. His booming laughter, enthusiastic hugs, philosophy of having fun and spreading peace and love are infectious. Laughter is so simple, yet powerful and truly accessible to everyone, creating playful connection and well being. I highly recommend the training as it's been an integral part of my personal development enhancing my life and relationships, as well as given me the skills to lead my own groups adeptly.. Thank you, Vishwa and my fellow laughers!

    Friday, 14 June 2013 22:18:46
  • Cindy Levy

    The first time that I met Vishwa, I felt an incredible inner glow that radiated from his being to mine. Vishwa's incredible generosity of spirit and time is a rarity these days. He has a deeply motivating vision of bringing more joy, fun and laughter into this world and it expands on Dr. Kataria's theory of Laughter Yoga. This is the energy that uplifts and heals us all. The weekend when I became a Certified Laughter Yoga leader remains like a time bubble of high energy, lightness of being, fun-filled laughter and intimate connectedness with the others in my group. When I think of Vishwa, I will always see his beaming smile, hear his booming laughter and feel his wonderful embracing hugs! I highly recommend anyone wanting to "take LIFE up a notch" to participate in Vishwa's Laughter Yoga classes!

    Wednesday, 12 June 2013 01:27:02
  • Manu Rajvanshi

    I did the training class in April 2011, which had been life altering experience. Something so easily and always available laughter can be utilized and leveraged therapeutically for self-healing and well-being. Vishwa is a gem of a person. He is very accepting. He is very generous in sharing. He is doing a wonderful job. I started the laughter yoga club and classes in central NJ. Laughter Yoga is something you can get married to rest of your life...and you will never regret a single day. It must be part of school system so that everyone get exposed to it all across of the globe.

    Sunday, 9 June 2013 21:02:24
  • DK

    Vishwa really is a person who lives what he teaches. He is joyful and inspiring, at the same time a leader and knows how to run a laughter group and keep in check the riff raff like me ;) Really, great and fun person to learn from. I remember in our training by the last hour I was in tears and fits on the floor, not from Visha directly but from what he helped us create... And in the end for me what is learned is about getting to this place.

    Sunday, 9 June 2013 12:02:45
  • Jac Zagoory

    Laugh, did I ever---and still am.

    I love ancient classic architecture, in particular the complicated, stoic facades and not necessarily the interiors, which may have been a metaphor for me walking around Manhattan. Keeping up an outer appearance, without regard to the emptiness inside.

    This became more apparent when a film director told me I had a great laugh, which often looks as if I was crying at the same time---he was right, having seen myself on film.

    Since, re-learning to laugh, I can't say I don't look as if I'm crying, but I definitely enjoy a more genuine laugh.

    Vishwa, exudes joy, love and laughter. He is genuine, insightful and caring individual. He takes laughter seriously and has helped me and countless others exfoliate the unnecessary layers that we have been carrying around, unbeknown since childhood or worst as adults---fearful to be.

    Laugh you will, cry you may, but the release of joy you will experience and the genuine human connections as well as friends you will make will transform and free you from yourself. Once again, realizing that by giving you always get. Live in laughter---Lead the way!

    Sunday, 9 June 2013 04:56:55
  • David Lapid

    I took Vishwa Prakash Laughter Yoga Leader training in April 2011, and it was the best thing I ever made.
    Vishwa is a GREAT teacher, he is very generous in every way.
    Just consider that he doesn't have to do this training, he is not doing it for the money he is doing it because of his love to people. When you meet Vishwa you'll understand what i am talking about.

    GREAT teacher, very generous person.
    His training is a lot fun and a lot of information is being delivered in a very loving way. You'll be surrounded by friendly people who are seeking to inspire others to improve the quality of their life via laughter .

    I highly recommend Vishwa's training.

    Thank You Vishwa for spreading the word and training around

    Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha

    Sunday, 9 June 2013 01:19:52
  • Joyce Chavers

    I took the Laughter Yoga training with Vishwa in April 2013. It was the most wonderfully freeing experience I've had in awhile. His fun, playful way of pulling you into the fold and encouraging you to return to child-like play, was most welcomed. It gave me the opportunity to be less serious and to allow laughter to serve as medicine and bring about the improved health benefits which can manifest from laughter.
    Vishwa's encouraging, caring, fun approach to Laughter Yoga has totally influenced the Laughter Yoga sessions which I've subsequently led.
    Thank you Vishwa.

    Friday, 7 June 2013 23:03:46
  • Joan

    Vishwa is such an inspiring person. I made it my intention a year or so ago to share my life with inspiring people and ever since, amazing things have been happening including meeting Vishwa and becoming a student of his. Becoming a laughter yoga leader will change your life in ways you never imagined. All of his students were so passionate, alive and grateful to be learning and sharing our talents with the world. When you meet him, you feel like you've known him for a really long time, he has such a warm, kind, compassionate loving presence. Miss you Vishwa! See you soon, Hugs, Joan

    Friday, 7 June 2013 20:04:16
  • Jo Ann Marone

    Vishwa Prakash is dynamic, sincere, and passionate about Laughter Yoga. I have studied with him twice and each time it was well worth my time and money! He truly gives 150% of himself with love and kindness. You will leave your weekend feeling refreshed, grounded, and ready to take on the world with love and laughter! Also, you will meet many professional enrolled in your workshop and leave with a sense of friendship and changed for the better!

    Friday, 7 June 2013 16:20:59
  • Vani Bolusani

    Hi thrilling experinece ,amazing feeling , where no words can be described.
    I would highly recommend Mr Vishwa as a great teacher , leader ,changing
    people's life and and the world.

    Friday, 7 June 2013 08:19:42
  • Veronica R Lynch

    Having received my Laughter Yoga certificate in April, 2013, I feel fortunate to have been trained by Vishwa Prakash, who has an upbeat, playful and attentive style of teaching. Because of his style of sharing, he made the environment a safe place in which to trust the process of experiencing many health benefits of Laughter Yoga. Since the training, I have facilitated several Laughter Yoga sessions, and being a Psychotherapist and Metaphysician, I now incorporate Laughter Yoga into my practice.

    Thank you Vishwa.

    Friday, 7 June 2013 03:13:41
  • Elsie Blum

    About ten years ago I became a student in Vishwa Prakash%u2019s Laughter Class. This literally changed my life. I felt happy and peaceful at the end of each class.
    Soon I realized that as an instructor I might have something I can give back to society. I enrolled in the training program. I was so lucky to have Vishwa as the instructor! Vishwa has a passion for teaching
    Laff Yoga! His love of giving us these tools to help others comes from his core and we can feel it!!
    Laff Yoga classes are fun! To become an instructor, brings an even higher degree of satisfaction. Brain studies have shown that giving to, or helping others, brings a happiness that emanates from inside.
    Vishwa%u2019s class has given me the tools to help others and to find satisfaction with myself. You could say that this class helps you to become selfishly altruistic!
    Vishwa%u2019s classes for instructors not only teach the benefits of laugher, Vishwa manages to use these exercises to develop and teach a philosophy. We learn to see that small annoyances do not go away with anger, but with laughter %u2013 and we can teach this to others! You broke a vase? Crying about it doesn%u2019t bring it back. Laugh it off!
    Give yourself a gift! %u2013 enroll in his instructor%u2019s class.


    Thursday, 6 June 2013 23:02:46
  • Aysha Quinn

    Vishwa's style of teaching is fun, energetic, patient and egoless, in a relaxed atmosphere. He's available, friendly and kind. Laughter Yoga is something that will serve everyone individually who embraces it, Even when I'm not practicing regularly, I find I spontaneously laugh much more often and, at those moments, I recall with gratitude the technique Dr. Kataria developed and which Vishwa offers so generously. Thank You, Vishwa.

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 19:07:51
  • Melissa Bryant

    I remember the first time I met Vishwa Prakash, what an amazing experience filled with lots of laughter. After a few laughs he introduced me to laughing yoga, I thought. Really!! There is such a thing, wow!! I remembered I thought to myself I love to laugh all the time. This is perfect for me. When I attended my first laughing yoga session, that was it for me. I couldn't stop. Every week a chance to laugh and be with others and enjoy yourself how could you not possibly love it...It was such an amazing experience. Vishwa is an amazing leader filled with so much happiness and wiliness to share. As soon as I heard there was a laughing yoga training course how could I resist, to be able to help spread the joy of laughter. Not only was the course beyond amazing and I gained so much. We were extremely lucky to learn from Dr. Kataria (the founder) himself. I highly recommend anyone who wants to help and make a difference in someone's life through something so easy as laughter, which people forget to do because they get wrapped up in the every day stress. Become a laughing leader and make a difference. Everyone needs a good laugh!! Its good for your health. :)

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 18:40:09
  • Johanna Vandenberg

    I have earned a doctorate in geriatric studies and my initial interest in Yoga Laughter was and still is extreme longevity and health. Vishwa is a balanced combination of teacher, therapist, scholar, and highly skilled in creating the laughter training so that it is easy and enjoyable. I personally have maintained excellent health since I took Vishwa's training and I participate in various laughter sessions in NYC with an
    emphasis on my own laughter group on the internet entitled the Immortality Laughter Club.. Vishwa can effectively support anyone who wants to be a yoga laughter.leader or who desires to have more joy and fun in their life!

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 10:40:05
  • Johanna Vandenberg

    I have earned a doctorate in geriatric studies and my initial interest in Yoga Laughter was and still is extreme longevity and health. Vishwa is a balanced combination of teacher, therapist, scholar, and highly skilled in creating the laughter training so that it is easy and enjoyable. I personally have maintained excellent health since I took Vishwa's training and I participate in various laughter sessions in NYC with an
    emphasis on my own laughter group on the internet entitled the Immortality Laughter Club.. Vishwa can effectively support anyone who wants to be a yoga laughter.leader or who desires to have more joy and fun in their life!

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 10:40:05
  • Alf

    I completed Vishwa's Laughter Leader workshop in New York City about two years ago. It was a practical, uplifting and fulfilling experience, and Vishwa's wonderful way of leading the workshop made everybody comfortable and engaged. After the workshop, I felt ready to lead laughter yoga exercises and session on my own. I also felt that I had a deeper understanding of the principles underpinning laughter yoga, and a deep, long-lasting bond with the other workshop participants.

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 08:06:51
  • Eve

    I took the laughter yoga leader training course with Vishwa Prakash about 6 years ago. Vishwa's training class is a life changing experience. While learning how to be a laughter yoga leader you will learn how laughter yoga can touch all aspects of life. With the encouragement of Vishwa Prakash I have become a laughter yoga teacher also. I have the confidence to lead laughter yoga sessions in many settings. This includes corporate groups, small clubs, schools and charitable organizations. Laughter yoga will make you more healthy both physically and psychologically.

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 03:21:40
  • Jonathan

    Vishwa Prakash is the best kind of teacher: when you leave his class you feel as if you've known what he taught you all your life, but now have the confidence and enthusiasm to share it! As a result of Vishwa's training I've been leading a group of senior citizens in Laugher Yoga for the past 2 years, and this has been hugely uplifting. Vishwa's class gave me a tremendously positive psychological boost: there is nothing like laughter to free one from the bondage of self, the weight of obsessive thinking, or the fatigue of perfectionism! Go for it! Life is short %u2013 add your own laugh-track!

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 03:00:44
  • Shuchi

    I completed the Laughter Leader workshop with Vishwa Prakash this past year in New York City. It was phenomenal!. He really knows how to get everyone involved through his energy and teaching style. The weekend session just flew by! It really allowed me to discover laughter in my own life and how to help share this joy with others. I highly recommend taking his Laughter Leader weekend workshop!

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 02:25:32
  • Catherine Perrotti

    I was introduced to Laughter Yoga while on vacation in Hollywood, Fla, and amazed at how quickly perfect strangers bonded through laughter. As soon as I returned home I contacted Vishwa Prakash and signed up for the Leader training class in April 2013. Being an R.N. for many years I was impressed.with the healing effects of laughter and needed to know more. Vishwa is an extraordinary teacher who really lives what he teaches! His classes were so full of practical help and information, that it instilled a confidence in me to share this new gift of laughter with others. I will forever be thankful for Vishwa.s welcoming, teaching, and friendship and encourage everyone to take his class for their own personal growth.

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 01:55:28
  • Ruttie SN

    I am a Visual/Performing Arts professional, Creative consultant-motivator for Art/Entertainment/Media/Fashion industries and a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, trained by Vishwa Prakash (& Dr. Kataria).
    Few years, I attended the Laughter Yoga training and was very impressed with Vishwa's laughter methods, personality, ability to interpret laughter and transform lives in front of my eyes. Vishwa Prakash is absolutely a powerful facilitator of Laughter Yoga and Positive Human Interaction. His devotion, intelligence, spirit and levels of teaching are profound, creative and unique.
    His training seminar was for me as for other participants - a true enlighten experience, a journey of self discovery, great JOY and FUN!
    I honestly recommend the Laughter Yoga training for any one ready to face changes and enhance their professional and individual paths!

    Thursday, 6 June 2013 00:51:10
  • Maggie HernandezKnight

    I completed my Laughter Yoga training with Vishwa Prakash in April 2013. With a background in dance, I understood the value in learning experientially. So when Vishwa lead us by bringing the teachings directly into the body and into our psyche, I was thrilled. By the end of the training there was no doubt I could comfortably lead a Laughter Yoga session on my own. In addition, my personal life has been directly affected in positive ways. I am more relaxed and am using laughter as a therapeutic tool for myself.

    Wednesday, 5 June 2013 22:14:20
  • Arlene Papier Brickman

    I have been a Laugher Leader for close to 10 years after studying with Vishwa Prakash. Vishwa is an inspiring Laughter Leader, who studied with Dr. Kataria, the founder. I have discovered laughter in my life through Vishwa's teachings and find sharing and spreading laughter brings much joy.
    I appreciate Vishwa and all that he has done. I highly recommend taking a training class and becoming a Laughter Leader, it can change your life for the better.

    Wednesday, 5 June 2013 21:52:09

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