Laughter Yoga Helped Me Heal My Past
Pauline Ginnelly, Townhill, Scotland


I had a violent and abusive upbringing and a toxic marriage which broke down, leaving me homeless and jobless with little self esteem and confidence. But Laughter Yoga helped me to laugh again and I now teach people to chuckle along with me. To say it changed me completely in one session would be exaggerating but straight away I started to have a different perspective on life. My past is the full reason why I got into therapy.

I had a violent and abusive upbringing. Then I was married and I thought that everything was fine, but years later realized that it was not.

It was the lowest that I have ever felt. I forgot how to smile, I didn’t go outside and I wasn’t sleeping because of stress. I was smoking too much, drinking too much and not anything good for myself. It was then, I was introduced to Laughter Yoga, which is a combination of laughter and yoga breathing exercises to increase the amount of oxygen into the body whilst being playful, helping participants feel healthier, energized and more alive. I was blown away by how powerfully positive it really is. I couldn’t get enough of it and took part in online sessions regularly and within a short time I knew I wanted to know everything I could about this enjoyable exercise/therapy.

I completed my own training with Dr Madan Kataria and became a certified teacher. The transformation in my own personal life is nothing less than fantastic. To me Laughter Yoga hasn’t changed my life – it has changed me.

I started running regular laughter classes and as the word spreads about the benefits, more and more people are interested in experiencing the group for themselves. So far everyone who has taken a class has come back – even if they were shy to begin with. Laughter is contagious and like a domino effect!

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  • Pauline Ginnelly

    Thank you so much Alexa for your kind words
    and of course thank you to Dr Kataria for sharing on this page
    the local press have done a 2nd follow up to this article
    after the reporter came and took part in the group
    which is fabulous for Laughter Yoga :-)
    i am hoping to take this everywhere in my area - the young the old ..the long term unemployed,, womens aid to name a few
    Laughter Yoga has really changed my life in such a short time
    for the first time in my life - EVER - I can HONESTLY say i am happy
    without this happiness involving another person or a material possession
    without anything specific happening
    its so liberating and this is what i truly hope i can share with others who most need it..
    thank you Dr Kataria for having such an incredibly inspired idea to put that first laughter group together all those years ago xx

    Tuesday, 5 August 2014 06:20:29
  • Angela Smith

    I am very interested in getting to know more about this program I have MS and we donot have a ssupport group where I live in iowa so I am trying to get one started and I think this would be perfect for the group as well for people who just may want to try it out.

    Tuesday, 5 August 2014 04:51:44
  • Alexa

    Pauline, it is wonderful to read about your transformation through Laughter Yoga and now you are helping and inspiring others with your story and your practice! Bravo! Thank you for sharing with us!

    Monday, 4 August 2014 06:59:28

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