Cancer Survivor Thanks Laughter Yoga
Des, Australia


I got involved with Laughter Yoga when my wife Carolyn became a Laughter Leader in Mildura, which is about six hours from Melbourne. I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is a type of cancer, and went through chemotherapy and radiation. But, the cancer persisted in the form of a tumor.

Carolyn and I moved to Melbourne and she started a Laughter Club in Eltham.

In addition to laughing in the Laughter Club every week, we started laughing every day for 10 minutes after morning meditation, for three months. Surprisingly my tumor began to shrink and within six months it completely disappeared.

I now practice Laughter Yoga every day to clear my stress and continue to meditate. Laughter has also improved my relationship with my wife.

Thanks to Laughter Yoga & Dr. Kataria

Des (Australia)

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