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Reema Hiranandani, Mumbai


I'm a member of the original laughter club at Lokhandwala Complex started by Dr. Kataria in 1995. All these years I have been going to the club, but, it was only a few days ago my husband visited the club with his friend. They found it so relaxing and joyful that they suggested I start a laughter club in my building compound. Inspired and motivated, I finally took the initiative and started our laughter club in the society. It began with 20 people but the number is steadily increasing by leaps and bounds.

Personally, I have changed a lot by practicing Laughter Yoga. My immunity has increased and I don't suffer from recurring bouts of cough and cold any more. I feel energized and relaxed and am in a good mood the whole day. In fact, people look at me and tell me I look happy and content.

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  • Christina Watson

    I enjoyed reading your testimonial Reema on how Laughter Yoga is helping you in your Country! I think you have a beautiful smile! I find I smile a lot too, from doing Laughter Yoga! A lot of people tell me they see me smiling as they are driving, when I am walking around in my small city of Owen Sound! I wanted to wish you peace and joy and much laughter, from Christina Watson, from Ontario, Canada! Namaste, Namaste Reema, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Friday, 27 September 2013 16:39:50

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