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Today I was blessed to bring Laughter Yoga to a group of hospital workers in San Francisco who were in crisis mode. Tragedy had visited them in the work place and their Administrator invited me(she has known my Laughter Yoga work for the past 3 years) to bring my style of Laughter Yoga to her staff for stress relief. I only had a few days to plan, yet there was no anxiety on my part, as I felt in my heart it was the right thing to go and bring some relief to this group. I arrived this afternoon prepared to present The Laughing Heart Connection Program that I have created out of my work with Dr. Kataria's Laughter Yoga exercises. I was warmly greeted by the Administrator who informed me I would have to stop when the Detective would be arriving for a follow-up to the ongoing investigation and a Q&A with the staff. Five minutes later I sat down while the Detective explained the latest details and that the staff was to be commended for their professionalism and that NO one was at fault-NO one could have prevented what had taken place(a murder/suicide). Tension in the room was high, anger and frustration was evident, not with the Detective but having a sense of helplessness and being powerless in the play of events that had taken place. As soon as the Detective finished and I thought he would be leaving he sat down behind me and shared he wanted to learn what Laughter Yoga was all about and to be a witness to my program. I was thrilled he chose to remain and participate. It has been 4 years since I trained with Dr. Kataria and I can freely admit I have NEVER had such a passionate group as this one today! They blew the roof off! Their joy and enthusiasm was palpable! Each time I introduced an exercise they laughed and laughed and held onto to each other. I even turned around to look at the Detective and share with him that"Police Officers need to Laugh too!" I began to understand that I was the key to unlocking their built up frustration and pent-up anger and depression over events that they had had no control of. We laughed, we cried, and we laughed some more and when I finished they were spent, used up in a deliriously happy way! Each time I introduce Laughter Yoga to a new group Dr. Kataria I feel the energy and joy that flows through each one of the participants to me to them and through one another. I am so blessed to have had the honor to learn what I have learned through you. You have unleashed such an abundance of Joy in the world and I cannot Thank you enough for this gift to me and to the world. Today I was witness to the power of Laughter on the human body and the human psyche. It is a powerful tool for good in our world-when evil enters in there is a tool to relieve the stress and the anger and diminish the evil. Notice I did not say to eliminate evil(if I could I would!) but diminish it's power over others. Today everyone learned there is a way to use Laughter to release our stress and learn to live life in the moment-that Laughter can be such a benefit in the healing process. Thank you thank you Dr. Kataria for this gift. With Great Love&Affection, Teena Miller P.S. I was invited back to bring more Laughter Yoga monthly, both for the Staff and the Patients-what a Blessing!

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