Laughter Yoga International Laughter Yoga International : Global Movement for Health, Joy & World Peace. Laughter Yoga Keeps You Fit It has been proven that just 10 minutes of Laughter Yoga is like 30 minutes on the treadmill. As it involves a combination of deep yogic breathing and playful exercises, it is an ideal exercise routine for keeping you fit. The thought of pounding the treadmill or planking for hours can leave you filled with fear, but Laughter Yoga promises to tone your body and cheer you up at the same time. It Studying Laughter Yoga Up-close In Bangalore Toronto-based photographer Meera Margaret Singh has come to explore and question the notion of how forced laughter gets 'real' during the process of Laughter Yoga. She will study and document the 'laughing yogis' of Bengaluru, which has 220 Laughter Clubs and is now known as the ‘Laughter City’. For the last one month, Singh has been visiting two Laughter Clubs, in B Nepalese Children Do Laughter Yoga To Help Relieve Earthquake Trauma Here are some incredible pictures showing how the children in Nepal participated in a Laughter Yoga session to help get over the trauma after two major earthquakes devastated the country. The children are smiling and playing in a group session, which will enable them to deal with the tragedy and also give some psychological uplift. Laughter Yoga has the ability to reduce stress and help people Laughter Yoga As Good As Any Exercise Regular exercising is difficult to sustain for a lot of people as it invariably gets monotonous and boring after some time. A recent research in UK shows that 70 per cent of people would exercise more if it was fun, and almost 60 per cent claimed that laughter would be an ideal form of exercise. Laughter Yoga has in fact proven to be an ideal exercise routine not only for its physiological and Laughter Yoga International Learning Festival In August In Bangalore To mark 20 years of Laughter Yoga, Laughter Yoga International University announces a Laughter Yoga Learning Festival. It will be held in Bangalore for 10 days between 15th and 25th August 2015, at the School Of Ancient Wisdom - a heavenly place where we usually conduct our trainings. Inviting Laughter Yoga professionals from around the world for incredible series of creativity workshops on 4 Happy Laughter Yoga Tour 2015 Dr. Kataria was invited to Hong Kong between May 7 – 10, 2015 for a series of Laughter Yoga seminars, workshops, trainings and a mega public event. The tour was well organized by Jackie Chow and her team from the Hohohahaha Society. The main objective of this tour was to bring awareness about the benefits of laughter exercises. The Hohohahaha Society has long been promoting Laught Hong Kong Elders Laugh To Break A Record! About 1,000 elderly Hong Kong people took part in the largest Laughter Yoga class in Tsuen Wan recently. The session was conducted by Laughter Yoga founder Dr. Madan Kataria in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record. “Laughter Yoga is the most economical, easy-to-practice and scientifically-proven method of relieving stress and improving mental and physical health,&rd Laughter Yoga In Dakota Senior Center Today, people worldwide have become aware that exercising is the key to keeping healthy. They have realized the benefits of the ancient science of yoga and its ability to reduce stress, depression as well as cure many physical diseases. Like yoga, Laughter Yoga also lays stress on deep breathing, which is fundamental to good health. It teaches people to change their breathing pattern from shall World Laughter Day In Düsseldorf /Germany Since 2008 laughter leader Gisela Dombrowsky has been organizing World Laughter Day in Dusseldorf. This year on May 3rd several Laughter Yoga leaders and teachers, their friends and family came to celebrate the day laughing and singing. The local press was astonished to see this laughing group with so many people coming from different cities. They started with some exercises for relaxation and Laughter Yoga – Key To Happiness & Good Health At the New Glasgow library, Shelley Ballantyne regularly conducts a Laughter Yoga session for a group of people and leads them through simple exercises – all the while, laughing and smiling which helps to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Participants laugh like never before without any inhibitions. They aren't at all self-conscious – and keep doing what