Laughter Yoga International Laughter Yoga International : Global Movement for Health, Joy & World Peace. Laughter Yoga At University Of Sheffield Laughter Yoga master trainer Lotte Mikkelsen, recently conducted a successful Laughter Yoga session at the University Of Sheffield for the students who were introduced to the many benefits of laughter. The session incorporated yogic breathing and laughter and started with simple vocal exercises: "Ho ho, ha ha ha, ho ho, ha ha ha” followed by laughter exercises and the most da Laughter Helps Cancer Patients In Taipei Hospital More than 70 percent of the 30 cancer patients in Taichung Hospital reported improvements in their problems with sleeping, pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression after taking a one hour Laughter Yoga session every week for two months. Liao Chih-Ying director of the hospital’s radiation oncology department, who introduced Laughter Yoga to the hospital in October last year, said most Laughter Yoga Heals After a Stroke. Canada, CTV News Vancouver Island Great story of how Laughter Yoga heals. This is from CTV News Vancouver Island, based in Victoria, BC, Canada. (on the West Coast, Northwest of Seattle). Gene Furbee is one of our long time Laughter Yoga Teachers. Laughter Yoga Leaders At 10! This is a very interesting and unusual request from Eleonora Zuleta Patiño who wants three small children from her Laughter Club to be trained as laughter leaders! All of 10 years, Daniel Millán Brito, Ernesto Barazarte, and Diego López Mendoza have shown great potential and skills in doing Laughter Yoga and leading the sessions. Daniel has even pres Laughter Yoga For San Diego Hospital Patients In a major step forward, Laughter Yoga is now being offered in hospitals and other medical offices in and around San Diego for community members, employees and patients with conditions such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, some are also using care clowns to give laughter therapy because it has a positive impact on patients. Michael Coleman, executive director of Laughter Laughter Yoga During Swimming Contest In Finland Laughter Yoga Teacher, Lisa Leinonen recently organized some laughter sessions at the Winter Swimming World Championships 2014 held in Rovaniemi Finland. There were about 1244 registered swimmers from 34 countries and these sessions were conducted for both contestants as well as the audience, who came to give a round to applause for their groups from different countries. There was also an int Laughter Therapy For Brain Injury Laughter Yoga is really going places as more and more people are reaping the enormous health benefits it provides. It is widely being used as an alternative treatment for several diseases, mental disorders, emotional upheavals and trauma due to injury, fatal sickness or surgery etc. In fact, recently, a very successful laughter session was conducted on a group of patients with brain injury at the Laughing Their Way To Good Health Members of the Cochin Laughter Club take laughing rather seriously! For the last three years they have diligently been practicing Laughter Yoga regularly and many claim it to have made them a healthier person. The over-50 members ranging from 75-year-old to small vendors to young professionals thoroughly enjoy these sessions held thrice every week. P Rajendran Nair, yoga trainer, says different Laughter Yoga Boosts Productivity In Business World Laughter Yoga has proved to be the ideal exercise for providing stress relief to people in the business world. According to a recent news report funny business in the workplace is being replaced by the business of having fun. Companies and corporations worldwide have realized that laughter is a powerful tool they can use to boost happiness, creativity and productivity. This rapid rise of the la Laughter Yoga In Mexico City On the occasion of International Happiness Day (20th March), Mexico City government organized a Laughter Yoga session on Paseo de la Reforma, which was attended by hundreds of people seeking to improve their heath through laughter. A group of instructors led the participants in a routine that included stretching, push-ups, breathing exercises and lots of laughter together with the slogan &a