Laughter Yoga International Laughter Yoga International : Global Movement for Health, Joy & World Peace. Laughter Yoga – A Growing Trend For Health & Wellness Laughter Yoga has already proven to be a great stress buster which helps boost our mood, improve the immune system and alleviate pain. Jeannette Sanger, a Laughter Yoga instructor from New York, reported how laughter helped her cope with the excruciating pain she experienced when she spilled a pot of boiling water on her thigh while cooking. She laughed her way to the hospital as it distracted he Latin American Laughter Yoga Conference Report by Nathan Mansbach The second Latin American Laughter Yoga Conference held in October 2015, had speakers and participants from Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, USA and Canada. The conference was fully impregnated by the 4 elements of joy that flag the Laughter Yoga International University. Dr. Madan Kataria graced the occasion by delivering a message through Skype and Pintu Laughter Wellness Classes For Good Health And Happiness Marcia Alter and Caity McCardell, two South County women hold Laughter Wellness classes on the health benefits of laughter and encourage participants to blow away negative thoughts. Their classes focus on ‘making a practice of laughter’ to improve people’s lives, both mentally and physically. It emphasizes on lifestyle changes which promote positive think Edinburgh Laughter Club Takes Laughter Seriously! Laughter Clubs are becoming increasingly popular all over the world as they have proved to be a great platform for bringing people together and helping to make the world a happier, healthier place to be. The Edinburgh Laughter Club is one such club that takes the business of laughter very seriously! It has willing participants seeking to laugh themselves healthy. Participants do different laugh Laughter Yoga In Lebanon Lebanon is a country rife with insurgency and overflowing with Syrian refugees and border troubles. Laughter isn’t exactly on their list. But Laughter Yoga practitioner Liliane Akiki has made it her mission to bring smiles to the people of Lebanon. She conducts laughter sessions for adolescent Syrian refugees living in camps and dealing with extreme loss. “It helps t Welcome to Laughter 101 Welcome to Laughter 101 -Mindful Laughter with Middle Schoolers Alexa Fong Drubay Squirming around the gym floor, one boy announced in a loud voice: “Oh boy, is this really going to suck!” Other kids nodded , while anxiously awaiting the start-up of what they were told was a session of Laughter Yoga. Obliged to attend, they had no idea of what to ex Laughter Yoga Is A Positive Force Laughter Yoga instructor Denise Gibbons from the Brisbane Laughter Club recently conducted a course that helps people use Laughter Yoga for stress management. According to her the first attempt at Laughter Yoga is intimidating for most people as doing childlike actions like clapping, chanting “ho ho ha ha ha” and laughing with complete strangers is very uncomfortable. The story of a mindfully mindless laughter yogi To share this story I need to go back in time to 2008 when I arrived at a point when I had to make some big changes. Every aspect of my life had painfully come to an end, and I asked myself, “What would really and truly make me happy?” The answer appeared to come out of nowhere. I wanted to move to Thailand and teach English. I made a firm decision and resigned from Fight Cancer With Laughter Cancer is the most dreaded disease in the world today. It spells trauma, stress, pain and fear.. Extreme physical, mental and emotional stress weakens the immune system, which is a major causative factor in the development of cancer. Scientific studies have proved that laughter has a powerful and immediate strengthening effect on the immune system. It quickly increases immunoglobulin levels that Canadian Comedy Festival To Kick Off On Oct 23 A week-long comedy festival starting from October 23-30, 2015 in Peterborough, Canada, is aiming to leave the residents in stitches. Shelley King, a certified laughter leader says that laughter not only releases endorphins to the brain; it also reduces stress and anxiety, protects the heart and gives the internal organs a gentle massage, thereby keeping one happy and healthy. Charmaine Magumbe,