Laughter Yoga International Laughter Yoga International : Global Movement for Health, Joy & World Peace. Laughter Yoga Helps To De-stress School Children In Cornwall A Laughter Yoga workshop was recently organized by laughter professional Katie White in Marazion, a town in Cornwall, England, to de-stress Marazion school children who were getting ready for their SAT tests. There was lot of pressure not only on the children, but also on the teachers and parents, and they all needed to lighten up and feel confident. Laughter Yoga exercises not only teaches chi I was a happy man, then one day I came across LY Danny Singh Certified LY Teacher Italy: Here is a short video of Danny Singh (Laughter yoga teacher and Vice-President of LY National Association Italy and author of the book, "I was a happy man, then one day I came across LY") giving a 2-day workshop to primary school teachers in Rijeka, Croatia. He has been using LY as an instrument to teach English since 2005, after which he became Laughter Yoga In Corby, England Laughter Yoga is fast catching on in Corby, a town located in the county of Northamptonshire, England. Laughter teacher Claire Beecroft says laughter is the key to contentment, and is bringing her own brand of Laughter Yoga to Corby. She is sure that the town needs a good giggle because laughter is healthy and having a good belly laugh fills the body with endorphins which act as natural anti-in Laughter Yoga Brings People Together A wave of Laughter Yoga workshops are now taking place all over the United Kingdom, including in Huddersfield. Originating from India, this unique concept of laughing without any reason is helping to bring more laughter and joy into the lives of people. As laughter is a universal language that knows no barriers, it brings people together and creates a sharing and caring community. Examiner jour Noida Seniors Lead Laughter Campaign A group of 16 elderly members of Noida Laughter Club recently enlivened the Happy Streets campaign held in Noida. The senior citizens performed exercise routines and laughed out loud during the entire program, explaining to onlookers how laughing has brought many positive changes in their lives. The campaign was a good initiative to share happiness among people. Every day, all he seniors meet a Laughter Yoga Changes People For The Better It is now an established fact that Laughter Yoga reduces one’s negative response to stress and conflict-triggers and promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing. It helps cope with challenges and conflict better because it gives us a better perspective. In fact, if we laugh about the several stressors we confront in daily life, they actually diminish. Laughter allows us to re-progr Japanese Mini- Basketball Team Incorporate Laughter Yoga Nobuko Akutsu, laughter leader, Japan: Here is a story of how a local mini-basketball team improved their teamwork and play by incorporating Laughter Yoga into their practice. I was asked to do a laughter session for the team by a team-member’s mother who had attended my laughter sessions earlier. She felt that the coach was always putting the kids down even though they were tryi Launching Laughter Yoga University App Laughter Yoga University has just launched its App on both android and i-phone application, which can be viewed on smart phones, i-pads and tabs. This App will keep you informed about Laughter Yoga activities around the world in text and videos. We will update the latest news, Laughter Clubs, training programs etc. You can also learn Laughter Yoga exercises by watching videos. This App is abs Laughter Yoga Online Learning Center Laughter Yoga Online Learning Center provides a learning opportunity about Laughter Yoga methods, history, concept, philosophy, steps, benefits and different applications. The best way to learn Laughter Yoga techniques is by watching videos. It is a great library for those who want to acquire a knowledge base and wish to become Laughter Yoga professionals in future. Unique Features Of Online Le Laugh Using Puppetry & Ventriloquism Here is an inspirational and novel idea of using puppetry and ventriloquism to help people heal their inner wounds. Paolo Trinidad, promoter of Pinoy Laughter Yoga (PLY) in Philippines, recently used this new skill as part of his tools for helping a group of homeless children at the Lingap Karunungan Center in Mandaluyong City. He acted as a “Jesus” puppet doll and let