World Laughter Day 2009 In India

Saturday, 9 March 2013 12:05:16Back

World Laughter Day was celebrated at thousands of places in India. Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri were present in Mumbai at the Lokhandwala Park where they had first started the laughter clubs in 1995. More than 250 people including few guests from USA. UK and Canada joined the celebrations. After the laughter session, the entire group started the peace march holding white heart-shaped balloons (symbolic of peace) as they walked through the streets laughing with bystanders.

In New Delhi World laughter day was celebrated with 2000 children laughing for world peace while in Bhopal, central India, there was a big rally. However, the largest gathering was in Bangalore where more than 3000 people gathered to laugh for world peace.

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