Seniors Stage A Laughter Flash Mob In Central Park!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013 15:16:55Back

Laughter Yoga teacher Francine Shore, USA, recently staged a flash mob scene in Central Park with seniors, who created a ‘laugh riot’, with the hope that passersby will join them in their hilarity. There were dozens of seniors ranging from 55- 80 years old who kept laughing and laughing, as the class was aimed at harnessing the healing and stress-relieving power of laughter through a series of group exercises and interactions.

One of the participants, Arlene Linder, 67 said that though initially you start just with a smile; it is the eye contact that gets you. As soon as you catch someone's eye, it's all over, and you can't stop laughing. "It feels good and you’re releasing and letting go," she said. Plus, "You look younger and feel younger in the process, she added. The benefits extend beyond the class, and it’s helping me stay healthy, and has also improved my outlook, said Linder.

The sudden decision to fold the laughter class outdoors as a flash mob was to show people that this is a wonderful viable exercise for people of any age.

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Article Courtesy: DNAinfo New York

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