Telephone Laughter Clubs Going Great Guns

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Telephone laughter ‘buddies’ are going great guns as practitioners feel a remarkable change in their attitude. It is a wonderful way to allay all anxieties and negative thoughts. People chatting with laughter friends all around the world experience a sense of joy and belonging. The caring and sharing network of telephone laughter clubs has led to tremendous bonding thereby helping people to get enormous benefits as they laugh regularly.
“I feel very grateful with many warm thanks to Dr. Madan Kataria and Gaga Barnes for setting up the telephone laughter yoga conference calls! I feel telephone laughter has been helping me feel more joy within myself and also has also helped to decrease my anxiety level on a daily basis! I am meeting some wonderful and unique people on the calls, and I enjoy laughing with every one! I don't feel so lonely anymore as I know that I can just join in on the calls, and laugh with all of my telephone Laughter Yoga friends through out the day and evening!!! “

Christina Watson! Ontario, Canada

For American Telephone Laughter Clubs please call 712-432-3900 Access code is 6071292#

For Australian Telephone Laughter Clubs please write to

Telephone: 180069266 and the access code is 6136488.

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