Laughter Yoga Practitioners Report Health Benefits

Friday, 15 March 2013 11:45:33Back

Laughter therapy is increasingly being used in different fields of life. A recent report published in Tucson News Now reports that Laughter Yoga uses laughter in the form of exercise which enables everybody to sustain the routine and reap enormous health benefits from it. "There are actually scientific studies nowadays that are proving that it strengthens the immune system, it's a cardiovascular workout. It's great if people are suffering from depression," says laughter professional Gita Fendelman , a former lawyer and Hatha Yoga instructor. "About 8 year ago, I got diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and now I teach Laughter Yoga…Hahaha”

Some responses from members after laughter sessions at the Tucson Laughter Club:

Mac McHenry: “I got rid of a lot of tension and stuff that was in my body that I suffered when I was depressed about my cancer.”

Judy Jacobs (was depressed after she suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash): "The benefit that I was looking for was to help elevate my mood and I had no idea that another benefit would be increased memory."

Dr. Gulshan Sethi (University of Arizona cardiothoracic surgeon): “Laughter increases the number our cells that attack disease. When you laugh, you clear your lungs. You don't have to use any machine to expand the lungs.”

Courtesy: Tucson News Now

For full report click here.

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