Kiwis Enjoy A Hearty Laugh & Feel The Positive Change

Friday, 15 March 2013 11:36:50Back

Laughter Yoga has really caught on among the younger groups as it is a great tool to relieve the multiple stressors faced by people in their 20s and 30s trying to make a better living. A Laughter Yoga class conducted by laughter professional Sparkie Lovejoy in the Community Center in Dunedin, New Zealand, reveals how the participants enjoyed doing laughter exercises and felt a distinct change in attitude. Being their first laughter session, they were initially apprehensive but were soon roaring with laughter. Imaginary laughter exercises, eye contact and group dynamics helped them to connect with each other and release all anxiety and stress.

Here is what some members had to say:

"I have a sense of confidence that nothing can knock me down right now."

"I've always had a hearty laugh, but I've had two deaths in my family this past year, and this class helps me cope with those losses."

Courtesy: Tampa Bay Times

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