More Fun And Laughter With The Bankers

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Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo, Philippines

Last November I was invited to conduct a laughter session during a Bankers Conference held under the aegis of the Bankers Institute of the Philippines, Inc. (BAIPHIL). The focus was primarily on how to find banking excellence and improve their banking operations towards reaching the highest zenith – serving their clients in the best, most efficient and effective ways. Though not a banker, I said I am a banker of laughter, hahaha!!

The experience of making the bankers laugh was a great one as after some warm-up exercises to loosen up and put them into a laughing mode they started to laugh their hearts out. They, started swaying, moving their bodies, bending their waist as they clapped the Laughter Yoga way. The bankers’ soft, light side was unraveled as their funny bones were stoked eliciting almost unceasing laughter as we did the numerous kinds of laughter.

I encouraged them to get into a laughing habit as gradually it develops into a second nature to the extent they can laugh off any painful or sorrowful experiences in life. Being nature’s best, fastest and easiest stress-buster, laughter lifts our spirits with a happy high that gives a distinct feeling of goodness that improves our outlook in life. Moreover, it enhances optimism and cultivates positive attitude towards the varying challenging situations that we encounter in our life’s journey.

The bankers found the whole session very relaxing, fun-filled, yet informative! They recited a lot of the positive chants like: “I am rich, very rich”; “Think, talk and act rich, and with hard work, faith and perseverance, thou shall be!” Positivism was at its best.

In addition to the different kinds of laughter that we did, some yoga and breathing exercises were combined to further enhance the multi-healthy benefits that Laughter Yoga provides. When I mentioned that laughter is nature’s best moisturizer, the bankers became very curious. When told that there is an anti-wrinkle, anti-aging laughter, they proceeded to the center of the function room to watch me closely as I demonstrated it! I further explained that laughter is not only the BEST medicine; it also is nature’s BEST tranquilizer! After a Laughter Yoga session, one can expect an 8 to 12 hours of deep, recharging, relaxing slumber, and wake up fresh, rejuvenated and young-looking.

Some motivating and positive comments by bankers’ after the Laughter Yoga session:

Pamela Martinez (Citibank, N.A.) – “A great laughing session! I highly endorse this Laughter Yoga seminar!”

Myrna R. Bundoc (Dev. Bank of the Phils.) – “Very relaxing, very educational and very good stress reliever.”

Richie Salcedo (PSBank) – “Laughter helps us breathe better and handle stress better. Indeed, laughter is the best medicine in dealing with life’s demands and challenges.”

Don Gavino (ING Bank) – “First, my laughter was a fake one, and then it became real. Very relaxing.”

Estrellita V. Ong (Security Bank) – “Very good! Never had a good laugh for a long time!”

Emmanuel C. Geronimo (China Bank Savings) – “I was relieved of stress, and had positive outlook and feeling of contentment because of Laughter Yoga.”

Zacarias Gallardo Jr. (Allied Bank)– “Laughter Yoga session releases the stress of work and brings the participants to a higher level to meet further challenges.”

Yolanda D. Velasco (Land Bank of the Phil.) – “The Laughter Yoga session was very Informative. It was a heartwarming laughter experience.”

Sally de la Paz (Izone Technologies, Ortigas) – “My most relaxing and unforgettable experience!”

Tess Solis Galvadores (Bank Of Commerce) – “Very nice, enlightening and enriching session.”

Catalino Solidum (Bank of Makati) – “Very interesting. I have been an avid follower of the mantra that “Laughter prolongs life and creates better relationship.”

Susan Tan – (Bank of Makati) – “I am rich, very rich yehehey! I am smart, very smart yehehey!” To laugh, view: lycphohohaha.

The author assisted by Lynda Geraldez doing the Hearty Laughter that is good for the mind, body, and spirit with the bankers.

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