Laughter Yoga - Latest Exercise Craze In Sheffield

Friday, 15 March 2013 11:16:10Back

In spite of some skepticism about laughing without any reason, Laughter Yoga is fast becoming the greatest health craze in the world. You may initially feel like a lunatic but it has some surprisingly beneficial effects. A recent news report touted it as a recent fad in Sheffield, UK, where participants in the laughter session feel it can change your life. Dal Kular, a laughter professional, says her mission is to get as many people laughing around Sheffield as possible. She encourages class attendees to laugh their way through their daily lives no matter what the activity. “Laugh on the toilet, or laugh in the shower. Just laugh anywhere you want. It’s life changing.”

Universities too are becoming aware of the benefits Laughter Yoga may bring. In fact, Dal has also been asked by The University of Sheffield to run Laughter Yoga sessions in May as it is a wonderful tool for students to use to relieve stress.

For full report click here.

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