Laughter Yoga Helps Hong Kong People To Laugh & De-Stress

Friday, 15 March 2013 10:58:16Back

A recently published report once again proves that Laughter Yoga is the best tool for de-stressing and bringing more laughter into the lives of people. Hypnotherapist and laughing guru Dick Yu in Hong Kong says that the people there don’t laugh because they are under constant pressure to make more money and to make life better. Everyone is like a balloon ready to explode which has led to an increase in suicide rate and in the number of people seeking psychiatric treatment.

Social scientists say the Laughter Club boom highlights the stress issue of a city, which groans under extremes of inequality, soaring property prices and cramped living spaces. Hundreds of heavy-hearted Hong Kongers have joined these Laughter Clubs to resolve their health and social problems. Yu, who has founded 11 Laughter Clubs in the southern Chinese city since 2007 is on a mission to make the Asian financial hub's seven million residents laugh! And what better way than Laughter Yoga - ho ho ha ha ha …

Courtesy: The China Post

For full report click here.

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