Laughter Yoga Club In Helsinki

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Lisa Leinonen, Helsinki: We recently started a new Laughter Yoga Club in Helsinki which meets every Tuesday at 17.30 with the purpose of generating more awareness among the Finnish people who are not very well versed with the idea of Laughter Yoga. They are rather reserved about laughing without a reason, and look upon it as being something odd and humbug.

Anyhow, the club currently has 5-6 members who enjoy the laughter session and we have a terrific time together. I am grateful that at least some people want to share this joy and happiness with me. On my part, I continue laughing alone while travelling to my job in the morning but laughing in a group is more enjoyable as it helps to create new energy and gives hope to everybody.

In fact, some children watching from the outside burst out laughing as we did “Rowing Boat Laughter’ and thought we were a bunch of ‘crazy ladies’ playing like children. Sure we did! Ho ho ha ha ha! I really hope I find more people interested in improving their lives and who want to become more happy and joyful by laughing.

Click here to read my story in the local newspaper.

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