The 6th Australasian Laughter Yoga Conference

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Merv Neal, CLYT, Australia: Well the 6th Australasian Laughter Yoga Conference has been run and won by all who attended. Located at the Nunyara Conference Centre in the Adelaide foothills it was the perfect setting for three days of fun and laughter

What amazing talent we have within our own community. The presenters spoke from their heart with a level of authenticity that was inspiring and moving. We had everything from personal struggles, to creativity, to playfulness, to processes, to understanding your mind and body that only a group of highly trained professionals could have said as eloquently as our presenters did. My thanks to all of them who gave their time and passion to make the conference a truly memorable experience.

To the Good Doctor, Sebastien Gendry, Denise Gibbons, Loraine Mathews, Kym Goodman, David Cronin, Louise Stevens, and Bernadette McGree. Thank you thank you thank you

What an amazing “lack” of talent yet playfulness we possess to be a part of the talent night. The whole idea is to play and play we did. It’s amazing what fancy dresses can be achieved with some creative face painting, brightly colored material, and some time. As for the talent, we had story telling, singing, dancing, and laughing…all of the elements of joy

A conference is the ideal opportunity to exchange ideas on a host of topics. Issues such as the length and price of Leader Training, developing more clubs and enhancing numbers, and marketing initiatives such as Social Media and the LYOZ website all had time given to them with good results. It was also agreed that Laughter Yoga must be sending a clear message that our purpose is about Health, Community, and Relationships. All of these are major issues in society for which we can provide an alternative solution.

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