Laughter Yoga Workshop with Nestle in Goa

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Jagat Singh Bisht, CLYT: We were recently invited by Nestle to conduct a Laughter Yoga session during their Zone Asia-Oceania-Africa Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability Workshop at Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, India.

The audience included the Executive Vice President from Nestle headquarters at Vevey, Switzerland and Market Corporate Safety Managers from 20 countries including Australia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Turkey, along with factory safety heads from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.

The session disguised as wellness break was a well kept secret till the last minute. It took just a couple of minutes for the vibrant group to cultivate childlike playfulness. They were almost ecstatic as they did Greeting Laughter, Milkshake Laughter, Cell Phone Laughter, Hearty Laughter, Lion Laughter and Calcutta Laughter.

The entire environment was transformed within a few minutes and there was a paradigm shift in the group dynamics after the session as jubilant chants of ‘Very Good Very Good Yay’ continued to echo in the following days till the workshop was over and the delegates were seen off at the airport.

The response strengthened our belief that the whole world is a large extended family which may be easily united through love and laughter.

- Radhika and Jagat Singh Bisht, Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, Indore, India

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