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In today’s helter-skelter-super-fast-paced world, time passes by too quickly. Each day is filled with seemingly-endless-must-do tasks, almost leaving us with no time for what- we-like-and-love-to-do things for ourselves. Laughter Yoga comes very handily to clear our minds, keep our life’s perspectives -- and lead us to its magical healing world. It can definitely be like a magical wand that promotes positivism, happiness and good health in our lives

During the flight of my family’s recent sojourn to the US. I happened to converse with PAL Flight Attendant Leurie Alivio, who told me her Mom is suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a manifestation of unexpressed emotions, suppressed feelings. I suggested that In addition to her medications, her Mom should include laughter in her daily regimen, and Leurie right away declared: laughter is the “best medicine”. I mentioned having had cysts on my breasts some years back, too, though benign. But just the same it got me worried until I discovered the magical healing wonders of Laughter Yoga.

Later in the galley, we were joined by Flight Stewards Anthony Cruz, and Brian Barromo, and Flight Purser Vangie Bolobo, and like carefree kids they clapped, swayed and laughed as they have not done as much before to release their stresses and tiredness during their flight. Laughter indisputably is a direct communicator. They asked how to join a LYoga session and in unison commented: “Laughter Yoga is so easy to do, very relaxing, energizing, and changed our moods in no time at all.” My daughter Vanessa later told me she heard our hilarious laughter and was tempted to join in. Ho ho, ha ha ha!

Upon landing in Los Angeles we stayed overnight at the Westin Hotel, and proceeded the following day to Sta. Barbara’s Doubletree Resort Hotel. It reminded me of our very own Boracay resorts, whose fine-and-white-as-a-powder-sand remains unsurpassable. Admittedly though Sta. Barbara’s resort is very well planned and more tourists-friendly, so well-kept and maintained.

Then we drove to San Diego and stayed at Hotel US Grant -- grand as the sound of its name. It is history-filled that amazes its guests and visitors, truly a San Diego icon that provides ultimate luxury experience steeped in legendary style. San Diego’s climate has always been the most pleasant in the whole US. No extreme heat nor cold temperature. Eye catching were the words inscribed on the pavement of the city’s main center, which when we replace the word “city” with “country” would most appropriately fit us: -- “Go forth, set the spirit, help build the county of our dreams.”

In the San Marino abode of my brother, Rubio Punzalan, together with some relatives I conducted LYoga. Surprised, amazed and enthralled were they as we went through the relaxing motions of LYoga -- they thought LYoga was all about laughing... Shared with them were Lyoga clapping, hearty, lion, and humming laughter and breathing exercises -- to serve as their tools in times of worries and storms, and when body batteries seem to run low.

As I sat on the plane way back to home-sweet-home, events and scenes reminisces of how I started LYoga in 2007 came pouring into my mind that made me smile. People in places I frequented tell me they are happy to see me as I make them laugh and help forget their situations in life, banishing their worries into thin air. For instance, In Regine’s salon my manicurists mentioned some customers asked when “the always happy-and-laughing lady” will come.

I have taught he sales ladies of Via Venetto, Glorietta, some basic kinds of laughter. One day as I passed by, I looked at them through the glass windows and we started to laugh heartily that made even the security guard passing by laughed, too. Later the sales ladies laughingly told me that a customer who happened to be there, saw us laughed, and said, “oh, she is the laughing lady.” Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha!

Rustan’s, is another place I enjoy going to along with the Must-Have store and a string of other establishments in Glorietta, and yes, also the customers’ lounge. The warm and efficient personnel there -- whom I have taught to relax and de-stress in their work -- laugh with me when we see each other. At the Gold’s Gym, the physical therapists, staff and some clients remark that the gym becomes alive, happy and light with my presence. One of the inspiring and touching remarks I had were from gym mates former Solicitor–General Simeon Marcelo, and SEC Commissioner Tessie Herbosa, who both said that seeing and hear me laugh throw the worries and situations they encountered during the day. Laughter’s wonder works two-ways: it makes me and the others happy - as it fills my daily dosage of healing laughter!

Being a water bearer, I love being with people, and cannot imagine myself being isolated from people. As the song goes, “people who meet people are the luckiest people in the world.” Indeed, I feel so blessed, grateful and happy that I am able to scatter sunshine, spread joy and positivism, and promote health…wherever, whenever. Notably, two of my former “students”: Paolo Trinidad has been conducting Pinoy Laughter Yoga, and Fr. Roger Abadano shepherds his flock in his Masbate parish by spreading God’s words and interspersing them with Lyoga -- to strengthen faith and help lighten their burdens. Laughter is a miraculous gift from God. If only all the people in the universe will do it, there will be peace on earth and harmony. And, yes, Virginia, prosperity that is equitably shared by everyone.

LYoga sessions schedule: August 27, Daughters of Mary Immaculate at AIM, and September 23, Association of CPA’s in Public Practice in Cagayan de Oro.. Let’s keep laughing to a healthy, happy, positive us! Ho, ho, ha ha ha. Email me at: Please visit: Want to laugh and relax -- visit: youtube: lycphohohahaha!

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