Ohio Jazz Singer Incorporates Laughter Yoga Chant!

Friday, 15 March 2013 08:33:34Back

Lisa Clark, jazz singer from Columbus, Ohio recently recorded the live section of her second CD, The Colossal Joy Project. A musical recording that is infused with a colossal amount of powerful joy and positivity. Her mission is to offer this to those who are suffering, to create a gateway back to their inner blissfulness. To offer encouragement to people who want to make their lives more fulfilling. To nurture positive inner strength, allowing individuals to share in a deeper connection to a higher, self healing and motivating energy.

After being recently trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader she was inspired to incorporate the Laughter Yoga chant into one of the songs, laughing in rhythm by Slim Gaillard. This required live audience participation. Dr. Kataria graciously gave her permission to use the chant. Lisa says, the ingredients include a teaspoon of positive psychology, two tablespoons of music therapy, some of momma's ol' jazzy goodness, a dash of Laughter Yoga, and a heaping amount of colossal joy!

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