Claire doing Laughter Yoga at Age 103 Years Old with Carmela

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Carmela Carlyle, CA, USA: Gerontologist, Dr. Mark Lachs talks about "adaptive competence" or the ability to "bounce back from stress" as an attribute for healthy longevity, as it applies to his eldest patient, Helen, age 109. I am often asked the age of my eldest Laughter Yoga group member. And that would be Claire. She is 103 and never misses a Laughter Yoga session.She once told me, in her great Brooklyn accent,

"Carmela, I wish I had learned about this Laughter Yoga before I was 99." Studies show that laughing regularly can add up to 8 years to your life. So it is never too late to start your Laughter Practice!

Claire, age 103, practicing Laughter Yoga with Carmela Carlyle at Villa Marin (photo by Marianne Gontarz York, 2007 )


Laughter Yoga with Shirley & Carmela


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