Breaking News!!! Laughter Yoga As Part Of High School Syllabus In India

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From March, 2011 Laughter Yoga has been officially introduced as part of the High School syllabus (Class X). The new book is published by Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) which governs most schools all over India and also some in the Middle East like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE and Bahrain which follow the same syllabus. This is a great initiative by the Government of India Education Department to create awareness among school children about the benefits of laughter. I hope other countries will soon follow suit.

This is what all the children of 10th class will read in their text book (See the real book pages in PDF file)

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  • Rahul Rai

    I admire your thinking and also appreciate that laughter is really very useful indeed to stay healthy and fiit always.

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    Laugher Yoga is a new term which I have read in this site because before It I could not read that term. Now in this article you showed the strong relation of laughter yoga and education. In India some high school became the part of that kind of Yoga with Education. They believe that this yoga make the mod Fresh and away from tension. I have read somewhere smiling is its a treatment of a lot of health related issues. Actually, I want proofreading services but happy to know about new kind of Yoga which have a lot of positive effects at our health.

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    I think its a good decision by the administration of High School that Laughter Yoga As Part Of High School. Students take interest in it because it have fun and fitness of health as well. We can say that Buy one get one free offer. Happy to read that news and hope they will get good results from that decision. However, I try to read reviews from a good source. Other schools must follow that decision.

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