Laughter Yoga with School Teachers in Malaysia

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 16:44:11Back

Deep Kumar Malaysia: I am a Yoga teacher and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and I conducted Laughter Yoga session with school teachers in a Government school. When they entered the hall they were all all having a bit low energy levels and as we know teaching is a stressful job. First I explained them the concept of Laughter yoga and told them about the philosophy of doing laughter as an exercise in a group to blend with deep breathing exercises. They had a big smile on the face as they were curious about Laughter Yoga had no ideas what is going to happen next. As I started with warming up exercises clapping, breathing and childlike playfulness they all laughed as they lost their inhibitions and shyness. Laughter Exercises soon became a big contagious laughter. We did several hearty laughter exercises like milkshake laughter, mobile phone laughter, argument laughter most funny was credit card laughter ha ha ha . At the end they were all pumped up and full of positive energy. That is the power of Laughter Yoga.

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