Laughter Yoga Indonesia Unites Differences in Satya Wacana Christian University

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Emmy Liana Dewi, Indonesia

I Love Laughter Yoga, and that is why I took Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Madan Kataria. I am so happy knowing that I am the first certified Laughter Yoga teacher in Indonesia. . I am so happy knowing that I am the first certified Laughter Yoga teacher in Indonesia. Then I felt a little insecure when I realized that I had to introduce the unique concept of LY in Indonesia on my own, as a single fighter.

When introducing the concept of Laughter Yoga, I often use the name ‘Senam Ketawa’ (Laughter Exercise) rather than the name 'Yoga Ketawa' (Laughter Yoga) to avoid rejection from some people.

I live in a small town in the island of Sumatra. I have traveled to various cities in Java to make LY known in Indonesia. Well, I need a lot of money, time and energy to travel to another island in my efforts to make people become familiar with Laughter Yoga. In this matter, I am trying my best.

For five months I have tried to introduce the concept of Laughter Yoga in schools on both islands to children with cancer in a cancer camp, refugees of Mt. Merapi eruption, participants of a pre-retirement program, parents and children, employees of an oil company, and other public groups. Often times, I conducted Laughter Yoga for free.

Last November, I held a Laughter Yoga session in Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga, Central Java, as one of the main reunion programs of 2010. This time, the name 'Yoga Ketawa' was written on banners . This of course encouraged me because there was no rejection for the term ‘Yoga’. I felt more confidence in introducing Yoga Ketawa to the participants.

More than 100 people from different age groups, religions, and cultural backgrounds participated Yoga Ketawa at Satya Wacana Christian University. As we all know, Indonesia has many different ethnic groups with different religions. Of course having Laughter Yoga with people from different ages and cultural backgrounds is very interesting. The unique concept of Laughter Yoga, which is universal, can unite people despite of their differences. Participants could laugh and be happy together in Laughter Yoga. Well, Yoga Ketawa is very unique and wonderful, isn’t?

Laughter Yoga does not only share joy, laughter, love, and peace, it also unites differences. Amazing, isn’t it? Bagus... bagus... bagus, yeeeah!




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