Dr Kataria and Madhuri in Philippines

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Dr Kataria and his wife, Madhuri, are currently visiting the Philippines to conduct a series of programs about Laughter Yoga. CLYT, Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo, who organised a series of public seminars, two-day laughter leader training course, and some media interviews. They landed in Manila on November 18th. The very first meeting was at the office of the Philippine Star, one of the most popular newspapers in the Philippines who has been writing articles about Laughter Yoga several times in the last two years. Philippine Star newspaper is playing a very important role in spreading laughter movement in the Philippines. Doctor Kataria met CEO, Miguel Belmonte, for a full afternoon of activities in Philippines. Eight people from Philippines Star are participating in a two-day training and they have plans to implement Laughter Yoga in their company.

On November 19th, Elvie, organised a public seminar with the help and support of Vice Mayor of Quezon City, Ms Joy Balmonte. Dr. Kataria, Madhuri and Elvie conducted the public seminar and led a group of people through exercises for nearly 30 minutes. On November 19th, Madhuri's birthday was celebrated and she was treated royally by our host Elvie, we had a great dinner with some music in the evening.

November 20th is the first day of the leader training. There are more than 45 participants from different fields like Senior Citizen Association, IT professionals, Schoolteachers, Doctors, Nuns, Physical Therapists & Businessman. The morning session was great and everybody was energised and blasting with laughter. As I am writing this report in the lobby of the training centre, they are practising among themselves- memorising five points about Laughter Yoga.

This is a great group and already they are making commitments to open social laughter clubs. Last year, they opened Laughter Clubs in Senior Centre's, Schools, Colleges & Universities and in the Business World. There is already a request for a formation of an Association. Also, there are plans for a CLYT training in the future and a Laughter Yoga Conference in the Philippines. Thanks to the hard work of Professor Elvie, who worked for nearly 2 years before we could come to Philippines.

I will keep you posted about the developments of what happens in the next two days. Since then Goodbye from Philippines ha ha ha Keep laughing. Ha Ha Ha !!! Love Dr K

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Vice Mayor of Quezon City Joy  Belmonte with Doctor Kataria, Madhuri and Elvie

Madhuri Celebrating her birthday in Philippines on 19th of November

Office of the Vice Mayor of Quezon City

Doctor Kataria, Madhuri, Elvie  with Maguel  Belmonte  the CEO of Philippine Star

Doctor Kataria, Madhuri and Elvie  leading the public  session


Crowds enjoying the happy yoga

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