Laughter Yoga Helps Cope With Economic Crisis In Zimbabwe

Monday, 11 March 2013 13:46:35Back

BBC News recently reported that two women, Shilpa Shah and Celina Stockill are planning to set up laughter clubs in Zimbabwe, one of the world’s most challenging economies. They believe they can help people cope with the strains of Zimbabwean life by encouraging them to practice Laughter Yoga in these challenging times.  They hold workshops to promote good hearty laughter and encourage people to hold hands, make funny faces at each other pull their empty pockets out to laugh at each other’s lack of cash, and to point and laugh at themselves. According to them, “We need to laugh more, especially in our situation in Zimbabwe – being poor; you’ve got to learn to laugh.”

With regular Laughter Yoga, the mood in the workshop quickly moved from quiet anticipation to an explosion of mirth and merriment. Outgoing, genuine and wanting to make the country a better place, the two laughter trainers plan to start a network of clubs around Zimbabwe and spread the happy-demic.

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