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DVD - The Laughter Club in Real Time By Jeffrey Briar

The Laughter Club in Real Time (Video DVD)

By Jeffrey Briar


Two complete laughter sessions (one designed for Beginners, one for an Advanced group) filmed in actual time.  See how laughter sessions are run, from warm-up to closure, including starts and stops, guest leaders, stretches, creative explorations within the exercises, and relaxation techniques.

Valuable on-screen tips and statistics (how long to let the exercise run, duration of Laughter Meditation and relaxation segments, etc).

Additional comments and coaching from Jeffrey Briar, founder of the western world’s first Laughter Club to meet seven days per week, 365 days per year (Briar leads laughter exercise sessions every day, and is perhaps the most experienced leader of laughter exercises in the western world).

These multiple sessions were filmed live and on location on the beach and in the forest of California USA.

DVD (approx. 80 minutes).

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